August 2013 News

Gang Leaders Arrested

SALT LAKE CITY – The known leaders for the Crip and Blood gangs are in critical condition, after fleeing the scene when police arrived. The Salt Lake City Police department opened fire on them, critically injuring both. Why the rival gang leaders where together is unclear. “Increasing pressure from the Gang Task force may have been a motivator for the two rivals to unite,” said a police spokesmen. Earlier in the day the SureƱos gang leader had been captured as part of a raid Monday. “It looks like the tide is turning. All the gangs are severely weakened, while the police force has remained strong.”
Source: KSL – August 10th, 2013

Governor Considering Declaring State of Emergency

SALT LAKE CITY – Constant gang violence has crippled certain parts of the city, making day to day life deadly for citizens from all walks of life. The Governor has considered declaring a state of emergency and bringing in the national guard in hopes to bring peace back to the communities that have been turned into a war zone. “I’m at a loss; our new gang unit is being run ragged while nothing seems to be getting any better. Emergency services are swamped, and the hospitals are full of victims of the fighting. There are too many good people dying in a pointless war. We need peace again.”
Source: Salt Lake Tribune – August 1st, 2013

August 2013 News

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