Furious Angels Inc.


Sally wakes up, not in a good mood. Getting shot hurts, and even though she didn’t have any physical damage done to her body, she still felt, hurt. Vulnerable. She was going to have some words with Victor and Sandra when she got in. In fact, why wait? She calls them up. There is no answer.

Fox wakes up to harsh words. Victor is arguing with Alice.

Alice: It doesn’t matter what you think, we are a company, we need to make money
Victor: You should have cleared it with me. I know you are in this just for the pay check, but unlike most companies, we have values…

A phone rings. The conversation ends there.

Eric and The Doctor have both called Nick for rides.

On the way to pick them up, Nick sees blockades on fire blocking a street. Closer look reveals some sort of paramilitary force and gunfire further up the road. He takes photos, sends them on, and picks up Eric and The Doctor.

As soon as Sally shows up she starts yelling for Victor. Victor, a bit distracted comes out. She tries to chew him out, but he is a little surprised. “That wasn’t supposed to happen until next week. I guess reaching through time is tough to be right on. We where going to warn you…” Sally is a bit put off by this. And insists prior warning to anything else he knows is planned like this. Victor nods and shakes her off. After everyone arrives, Victor leaves someplace.

Alice calls a meeting, and lays out the mission: Capture the main three gang leaders.
Crip, Blood, Sureneo. Capture the leaders alive. Deliver them to the SLC PD headquarters.
“We are going to make an example of them.” insists Alice.

Everyone loads up. The first stop, the very drug house the team previously snatched the drug dealer from.

And, it’s empty. A convoy of black Chevy Suburbans driving away. Eric gives chase in the 2008 Dodge Sprinter. The Convoy breaks apart. They follow one, for a few miles, and decide to go back to the house.

A quick investigation reveals the door handle and the area around it are broken. The windows where broken from the outside. Well, looks like the gang unit got this one.

They drive to the Crip’s HQ, and scout it out. Enclosed neighborhood, guards at the front.
So it is deemed prudent to drive around the back and enter in through a back fence. An empty house with easy access to the backyard is found. The van is backed in. Eric makes the jump, and so does Fox. Nick and The Doctor bulldoze the fence in Hot Fuzz Fashion. Sally climbs up onto a near by Roof and scopes out the situation.
The tactical situation is interesting. Sniper support is an awesome thing to have.

The team gets to the central clubhouse, and is spotted by one guy. Who freaks out, but the other guys aren’t sure what he is yelling about. He tries to open fire, and his gun explodes in his hand. Fox yells something that stuns the crowd. The gangsters are taken down, and the other people (who are definitely involved with the gang, but are unarmed) stay still. Fox and Nick go up the stairs, and Fox is greeted by gunfire from the gang leader and his thugs. Fox quickly decides the best action is to tell them “If you want to see your wives and or prostitutes again, you better put down those weapons!”. Surprisingly it works. Stunned they all silently weep about their hired lovers. One guy drops his gun in the name of Cinnamon and it shoots him in the leg. They grab the gang leader and take him outside, and back to the van. On the way back the bulk of the gangs crew show up again. The team escapes them easily enough.

Next is the Bloods. Some of the streets are blocked. Right about the time the crew shows up, the gang is moving out. A chase ensues. Eric drives well. An armored van matching paces with a Cadillac de Ville.

The chase was cut short when another driver didn’t stop (who actually probably had the right of way) hit the gang vehicle, killing the Driver and the rear passengers. the Gang leader was badly injured, and partially conscious. Eric avoided hitting the other driver. A gang vehicle that had been giving chase, stops. Archibald shoots a tear gas round into the car, blinding and choking the occupants. Fox drags the gang leader out the car and throws him into the van, where he gets drugged and zip tied securely.

The team drives to the SLC PD headquarters, and immediately Sally and Fox sense danger. So they leave immediately. Fox calls his contact, and they go to Minerva Investigations to hide out.

They get a call from Alice asking where they are. She is encouraging them to take the prisoners back to the police department.
Eric, Fox, and Nick go to the Furious Angel’s Headquarters and start looting. The plan is to go to a rental property that Archibald owns. They grab a bunch of ammo, Nick grabs a nice laptop and some other equipment. He takes files (video footage mostly) and also manages to find Victor; he’s been arrested, and is also being moved someplace. Eric goes upstairs to where Victor has been living, and finds a black lock box. He grabs it, and also finds a slip-hiding place, containing a black diary of Victors encounters with various enemies, allies, and others of a strange and supernatural nature. They load up Nick’s car, and head out.

The entire team abandons their cell phones and gang leaders (which now have wonderfully fabulous new “tattoos” on them) in a park.



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