Furious Angels Inc.

Returning To The City

Hiding out at Archies Cabin…

The team is laying low. They do pretty well. Nick makes important discoveries about Alice being involved with Prosper. Sally has taken to hunting. Eric is trying not to go stir crazy. Fox is having a grand old time, but the doctor is feeling very depressed.
Days pass
The good man is spotted one evening. The next day, Sandra shows up, gives the team a business card with a number to call. Eric and Fox go down to the nearby town of Wanship. They use the pay phone. Roland answers. And then demands, soon after, arrangements are made for a “care package” – that Eric needs to be tased. Fox obliges. Eric is less than amused.

The team wakes up the next morning to low flying aircraft. A few members go outside, and see the plane as it drops off a crate, that doesn’t have much in it; a note, a key, and a GPS.
The note reading, “Sorry about blowing your cover, hope you are ready to go!”
The team rushes to pack the van. They hear helicopters coming. Nick and Eric split up to try to distract the helicopters. Eric does very well. Nick’s driving, ends up with him jumping his wonderful car down a hill. He manages to get it to a place where he and sally steal another vehicle; a Toyota Tundra. They manage to loose the helicopters long enough to get some distance. But not enough; the truck has some parts missing, but it lasts long enough to get to the highway, where they steal yet another car. A 1984 Ford Escort. They escape, but notice the large amount of cops going the other way up the canyon.
The team manages to make it to the address. Nick and Sally show up first. And are confronted by Hans. Hans is standoffish to Sally. But that’s ok. Because she is stand offish to her. He is much more friendly to Nick.
When Eric, Fox, and Archie show up, Sally tries to make sure Eric is calm about this. Which is interesting, and strangely thoughtful. It doesn’t seem to be necessary. Or, it really is necessary. Hans really likes Eric. Eric, is baffled and frightened by the friendliness and kindness he receives from Hans.
Sandra and Hans have been setting up shop. The team helps set up the warehouse. They find a weird tarot deck, that ends up vanishing at some point.
Eric finds a volume of “Secret Species” and looks up the Skinwalker from his dream a while back.
That night, they all find their places to sleep. Fox immediately claims a room. Eric sleeps on a couch that was shipped in a huge crate. Sally sleeps in the huge crate, amongst packing peanuts. Nick has a similar idea. The doctor sleeps in his “surgery” area.

The next day the team has a full day. They discuss a plan to get Victor out. Fox calls his contact to get some passes so they can deliver some food stuffs to get into the Jail. They also decide to let Victor know the plan best they can. Sally goes in disguised as a lawyer.
The team dispose of the stolen car, and acquire a new car; a 2003 Toyota Camry. Eric drives Fox to a payphone to call Alice. Alice agrees to meet at the office in a few hours. Fox takes the bus to the office, Eric goes and picks up, Archie, and Nick.
Meanwhile, Sally is talking with Victor, and maintaining a professional appearance. She hands a truffle to him, which he eats. She assures Victor that they’ll get things sorted.
Fox arrives at the office, and the others had gotten out of the car, intending to get some coffee. They saw someone circling the block, and kept an eye out. The car stops and Fox is asked to get in. Fox does so, and the team follows the car to the Wells Fargo business building. They manage to figure out the car with fox has gone to a floor in the parking garage with direct access to the building.
Fox is escorted in. Eric, Archie, and Nick walk in. They bluff their way past security. Archie decides to wait by the car.
Fox gets into Prospers office, near the top. Eric and fox are pretty close behind, and they wait outside.
Fox meets with Alice, and Prosper, after a while of being kept waiting. Fox knocks on the entrance door, softly. This confuses Eric and Nick. They decide to wait. Finally they show up, and Fox has a talk with both of them. At which time Eric and Nick bust down the door.
A short combat, in which the secretary pulls out an assault rifle (but doesn’t hit anyone with the shots fired) and a few knee capping, they end up with the hostages of Alice and Prosper. They pick up, and carry them out of the building. Nick takes point, and takes out security. They escape with the prisoners, and drive away, under a rain of bullets. But none of them hit.
A bit of interrogation later, reveals, Prosper is a nutbar, but just might be able to do half of what he says he can. Alice is a sadder case; easily led, looking for power, and gets used.
Alice gets burned, Prosper gets dismembered. Alice dies, and prosper leaves his body. Fox doesn’t stay around for the burning process; he is kind of disgusted by this.



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