Furious Angels Inc.

A Tea Party, CBI Infiltration, and an Insane and Wealthy Client

The Morning’s Events

Short version: Fox shows up back from Bonneville, and a time slip run around.
Nick gives a ride to the Doctor and Eric.
Sally walks to work, sees another black window tinted Crown Victoria. She does some elegant acrobatics, picks up a rock while rolling into cover, and throws the rock, breaking the tail light of the car. She hides very effectively from the driver.

The Pre-Tea Party

Fox forgot about the party. The Doctor, and Eric, and Nick all remembered. Sally also forgot about the Tea party.

Nick, in his quest to discover what is in the basement of Furious Angels, takes the elevator down, while Eric yells at Sandra about “Thirty three fucking pounds of C4” and is infuriated by the,
“I thought you guys knew what you where doing. My mistake for trusting you.”
And giggling. He storms out and decides to go to the firing range. He has to wait for the elevator to grind it’s way back up to his level.
Nick, explores one of the doors; the one that goes to the construction area. He finds the large rooms being carved out of the bedrock. He also finds an interesting bit of construction equipment; it looks like a simple heat gun, connected to one hell of a large box. He points it at the wall, and turns the dirt molten. No visible light, just suddenly the dirt is glowing, and running down the wall, before it cools into a solid blob of a rock. Nick, laughs evilly. He tries it out on some spare rebar; and same thing. It instantly goes molten, and runs away.

Eric goes down to the firing range, sets up a target with a badly drawn face of Sandra, gets the largest gun he can find (Which of course is the Magnum Research Desert Eagle. With his recent injuries, he is healthy, but his strength, and dexterity are still damaged. So with the penalties, only a critical success would have have resulted in him hitting the target.) He holds the gun up, and fires.
And drops it and the gun goes spinning around and the bullet doesn’t come any place close to hitting the target. Eric screams like a girl, which is heard by everyone upstairs, and Nick. Everyone comes down to see what happened. The doctor, bringing his medical bag, knowing that Eric has likely wound up wounded again.

Eric cleans up everything and acts casual. Sally hears an evil laugh from the next room. They go to investigate, and find Nick melting words and symbols into the rock and dirt. Nick explains his working theory of the gun. Something with microwaves. Sally takes the Melts-All and tests it out. Eric vocalizes his thoughts about its use as an interrogation tool. Sally gives him a look, and Eric suggests it next time they have a hostage he’ll let Sally use it. Sally forgives Eric for just about everything.

Victor shows up and isn’t at all surprised to find the team investigating (playing) with the Insta-Melt. He says it will still be here. Sally wants to know why they haven’t seen it before. Victor explains the impracticality of it; it takes a lot of power, thus the huge transformer box it’s connected to. Sally (and everyone) accepts this and goes back up for the tea party.

The Tea Party

Fox gets tea-bags from Sandra and Victor, and Eric orders cucumber sandwiches. Fox’s shows the Documents he has received from his contact concerning Furious Angels. They examine them, and arrive at their own conclusions…

CBI Infiltration

With the ID’s that The Doctor took off the two men who where poking around his property, he and Eric walk into CBI unchallenged. They are able to search the files for names. They pull a few files concerning Furious Angels. They have files on Sally, Eric, and The Doctor. Nothing on Nick or Fox though. Someone enters the file room and knows they are there but mostly ignores them. They take the files and walk out. Someone challenges them on the way out. The doctor keeps walking, Eric turns and talks to the guy.

Eric’s story is he was stopping by to pick up files for his friend who was sick. The CBI guy that challenged them says, “We’ll be in touch” – Eric also gives him is real name. Something he mentally kicks himself for. He gets out though, without a fight.

Back at the Office and the next few days.

Eric and The Doctor share the documents they got. It would seem the operation was initialized internally by one C. Prosper

Nothing happens. The team puts out some feelers, looking for work. The weekend happens, CBI talks to Eric, and Eric brushes them off fairly effectively again. They get back to the office on August 5th (another uneventful day)

A Client with more money than sense.

Keaton Weiss walks in on August 6th, and offers the angels half a million up front, to take a package off a truck that is coming from Nevada. Another half million on completion.
The object in question seems to have a power over people who touch it; they want it, for no good reason. They become obsessed when they touch it.
The team plans: Eric and Fox will try to get the package that night, Sally will be posted along the highway to shoot the tires out. Nick and The Doctor will be waiting at a truck stop in Stansbury.
Eric and Fox show up in Wendover. They find the truck, and break into it. However the trailer has an alarm, and alerts the driver to the break in. Eric finds the box, but realizes his strength isn’t what it normally is. He lets fox know. They trade spots. While Eric is on watch, he catches a glimpse of someone in the window. He lets Fox know. Fox moves the boxes that are in the way, gets the box (it is really heavy). Fox gets out of the truck. Eric closes the back, as the trucker is on the phone, walking to the truck.

Fox takes the box to the company car. Eric gets the crap kicked out of him by a huge trucker. Fox uses his Disruptor, and shoots the truckers leg off. Eric manages to stay conscious and Fox caries him to the car. He helps get him focused enough to drive away. It nearly works. On his way out Eric runs over a sign, and turns the wrong way. but it doesn’t matter; he still makes it on the highway. They pick up the rest of the team, and collect the money from Keaton Weiss, who opens the box and holds something about the size of a thermos, engraved with symbols and seems to glow with it’s own unnatural light.



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