Furious Angels have come to Salt Lake City…

Furious Angels Inc. is a company that does a little bit of just about everything. Mysterious, and shadowy, the sort of company that owns other companies that do their bidding, rather than a direct business presence.

They have come to Salt Lake City, and have started hiring agents. They have started meddling in local affairs. Though why this company has taken such a direct interest in Utah, has got the more paranoid citizens arguing.

What they all agree on is, Utah is weird. It has always had good camouflage. Strange happenings go unnoticed, or get covered up. A strong government and corporate presence, as well as a wide and varied cultures that mostly remain hidden from international perception, or at least, overshadowed by “The Church” makes for an interesting place to live.

The Furious Angels walk the streets, amongst us, unseen, because they are just like you. Maybe just a little bit more, extreme in thought and deed.

This campaign takes place in modern day Utah with some improvisation and fantasy. But trying to keep it grounded in this reality.


Furious Angels Inc.

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