Minor Characters

Stephanie Vasquez is the unwilling bride at the wedding that the agents Sally and Nick, crashed. Her mother is Lydia Vasquez, who hired the Furious Angels for assistance.

Edmundo Asturias is the Sureneos Lieutenant the Furious Angel’s kidnapped, interrogated, and sent back to his homies. They must not have been happy to see him, because he was found floating in the Jordan River, badly beaten, shot three times in the chest.

Larry Wilson is the Executive whose laptop was stolen by Eric and that revealed to Archibald Reginald Fawkers a connection with Calvin Prosper (The guy who killed all of Archie’s family) and who Archie proceeded to torment until Larry agreed to cooperate with the Furious Angels in bringing Calvin Prosper down.

Miss Smith is the Heiress that the Furious Angels were hired to protect. Her personal body guard (and covert lover) is Max East.

Hans Anderson was a security guard in his early 30’s. He is average height, and muscular with plain features, short dark brown hair, and grey eyes. He is annoyed by incompetence, but a sucker for stealthy approaches, and fisticuffs. Hans has a weakness for the big plan, and strives for honor. He lives with a roommate who drinks too much. His favorite color is polished gunmetal. He left his last job after he failed to stop some people from stealing a truck.

Jim Weston Ford is the “big man” responsible for Nick Robusto’s kidnapping, and apparent leader for the Bunnymen. Also the friend of…

Keaton Weiss, a wealthy eccentric who hired the Furious Angels to steal a package on a truck addressed to Jim W. Ford.

Daryl Thurman Stanfield is the “very ethical nurse” that was taking care of Nick. He used to work at a nursing home, and had a relationship with one of the patients. When he wanted to break it off, the patient ratted him out, and was fire thereafter. AKA The near-necro-romantic nurse.

Minor Characters

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