July 2013 News

Mass Poisoning Part of Ongoing Gang Conflict

SOUTH SALT LAKE – The South Salt Lake and Ogden City CSI units have confirmed the presence of toxins in food and drink samples, as well as those killed during two seemingly unrelated block parties. “The punch appears to the thing that was poisoned” commented a police spokesperson. The Gang units of each department have theorized the two are connected. The investigation is ongoing, and there are still no suspects. 27 people were killed total. Contact the Ogden and South Salt Lake Police Departments if you have any information.
- Source – The Salt Lake Tribune, July 22

Grand America Garage Shoot Out A Mystery

SALT LAKE CITY – The scene of high end luxury cars riddled with bullet holes where probably the last sight, local businessman Larry Wilson expected to find after a night of partying. Though there is no sign of any blood or bodies, approximately 40 shell casings where found, as well as 39 bullets. Security Camera footage shows a suspicious individual stalking the parking lot, when a balck 2012 Chevy Impala rolls into view. The license plate could not be read due to a specialty refracting cover, making the camera blind to it. The unknown individual opens fire on an unseen target, when An unknown individual, enters frame, dual wielding guns, returns fire. He manages to open the door, and hop into the car without the car stopping. If you recognize these men, please contact the SLC police department. Other cameras where destroyed in advance. (Crappy cameras. Very crappy. They have faces. Probably.)
- Source – The Salt Lake Tribune, July 22

Homeless men found dead in Hotel Bathroom

SALT LAKE CITY – During the party for the Heiress to the Smith fortune, Three, unrelated, homeless men, overdosed in the bathroom. The Grand America Hotel has issued the following statement: “It is a tragedy whenever someone dies. Our hearts go out to the families of these three, separate men. Even in today’s society of plenty, there are still those who must go without.” Police theorize that the men showed up for some very good free food, as much as they could get, before being kicked out of the party.The circumstances of their death are straight forward, and not at all related to the garage firefight, but police would like help in identifying them. (3 mug shot photos show the deceased men.)
- Source – The Salt Lake Tribune, July 22

Largest Drug Bust In History

WEST VALLEY CITY – – In an unprecedented bust, West Valley police seized nearly 16 tons of illegal drugs early Tuesday morning, after a truck carrying the drugs crashed into a warehouse, and then abandoned. The truck, belonging to Daily’s Premium Meats was caring, marijuana, meth, cocaine, heroin, as well as designer drugs such as, LSD, Ecstasy, PCP, Ketamine, Amphetamines, as well as hundreds of thousands of pills of prescription drugs, including, Vicodin, Oxycotin, Lortabs, and even Viagra. The estimated value of the drugs seized is estimated to be worth nearly 2.3 Billion dollars. Police are looking into the origin of massive amount of drugs. Police Sergeant Cook said, “We had no clue there was this volume of drugs in Utah. We are probably looking at something meant for larger distribution areas.” The warehouse owner was detained for unrelated reasons.
- Source – The Salt Lake Tribune, July 23

Business Man Arrested for Dealing in Stolen Goods

WEST VALLEY CITY – A local business man was detained for questioning after a truck, caring several tons of drugs, crashed into his warehouse. The police found the stolen goods while checking the warehouse for contamination due to the high levels of drugs found nearby. The West Valley police department have seized the warehouse and are in the process of thoroughly searching and cataloging all found items.
- Source – The Salt Lake Tribune, July 23

Police Blotter – July 23

Police responded to a call of a break in at Daily’s Premium Meats. A truck was missing, and the bordering fence had been knocked down. No further damage or property was established to be missing.

Gang Violence Erupts before Pioneer Day Parade

SALT LAKE CITY – Police responded to reports of gunshots and fighting in downtown Salt Lake City. SWAT Units responded and gave chase to the gunmen. Two were detained and charged with Assault. Two more where shot, but one was able to flee the scene. The one detained is in stable condition and facing assault charges. The Mayor has called for stronger gang-laws and a greater law enforcement presence until the gang problem “is solved, one way, or another.”
- Source – The Salt Lake Tribune, July 25

Body of Missing Man Found

SALT LAKE CITY - Edmundo Asturias, 32, was found floating in the Jordan River near 1700 south. He had been badly beaten, and then shot three times in the chest. Police are investigating this as a homicide. If you have any information, call the Salt Lake City police department.
- Source – The Salt Lake Tribune, July 25

New Police Unit Created to Combat Gang Violence

SALT LAKE CITY – In the bloodiest gang wars since the early 90’s, the Sheriff has put together a special unit of police dedicated to urban conflict. “They are well trained, and well armed.” Said the Sheriff, “as reluctant as I am to form this new unit, it is clear it is necessary.” Many citizens have mixed reactions to this. “I think it’s a good idea, I haven’t slept well in days for all the gunfire that is going on,” said a man from the Glendale Neighborhood. “While something needs to be done, I’m not sure the introduction of a strong paramilitary force is the answer to resolve this conflict,” said a young man, “I mean, it’s the law of escalation right?”
Source – The Salt Lake Tribune, July 28

Grantsville Arson Fire Investigation Reveals Nine Victims.

GRANTSVILLE – A house fire started under suspicious circumstances Monday around 12:30pm. The Grantsville Fire Department arrived and contained the fire. They established they did not have the manpower to fight the fire. “All our normal training wasn’t working,” reports Chief Daniels. “The house was a complete loss even before we showed up. Our best hope was to prevent it from spreading after we established there was no one inside.” The Grantsville Fire Department extingished the fire at 3:30pm and started their investigation. The remains of nine people were found shortly there after. “They were dead when the fire started,” commented Crime Scene Investigator, Aaron Groff, “All bodies show signs of being shot at close range. We are investigating this as a homicide. The fire was probably an attempt to cover it up.” The Sheriffs Department and all investigators declined further comment.
Source – The Salt Lake Tribune, July 30

Gang wars turn neighborhoods into war zones.

SALT LAKE CITY- The SWAT teams that have united to create the Gang Task-force response team have not gotten much sleep. Many of the gang conflicts that sparked off on Pioneer day, have escalated steadily. “Most nights I go to sleep hearing gun fire” said Jeremy, a resident of the Glendale neighborhood, “I have seen the task force in action, and they are good, the problem mainly is, they are getting places too late.” “it is hard for us to be everywhere,” commented task force commander Sheppard, “The conflict moves fast. Most of it is opposing gangs firing on each other on sight. By the time we get there, a few more bodies and maybe a few wounded survivors are what we see.” Emergency services are always having a hard time keeping up. Sheppard comments, “We end up spending a lot of our time securing areas around fires and medical emergencies and escorting them out of hot zones.” The creation of the task force has been meet with opposition, however, it seems to be helping, even if in small ways. “If this keeps up, we are going to need more men. This sort of thing is dangerous and burn out rates are high.”
Source – The Salt Lake Tribute, July 30

Mysterious Car Explosion Explained

SALT LAKE CITY – At the scene of a car explosion, investigators have determined the presence of ammunition. “it looks like it cooked off for some reason, but we can’t tell why every round of ammunition in the car went off roughly around the same time,” commented an investigator. The occupants of the vehicle where killed outright. The vehicle matches the description of a vehicle involved in numerous drive by shootings over the past few days. Investigators continue to be baffled by the bizarre nature of the ammunition exploding. “If I didn’t know better, I’d say some sort of fire started in the car. However, all the evidence is that there was no fire, and no single point that set off all the other rounds. “
Source – The Salt Lake Tribune, July 30

Car thefts up in Salt Lake City

SALT LAKE CITY – The number of car thefts is up south of 500 south and west of 300 west. “It is really weird,” commented a police officer who has responded to at least one car theft in this area every day for the past two weeks, “the cars tend to end up back where they were when they were stolen, generally consistently within a few blocks.” The car thieves MO seems to be pick pocketing the keys from the owner of cars. “The result is really weird; their car is gone, but returned in normal condition. It isn’t being sold to a chop shop, it isn’t being stripped down, it is just gone and then it is returned within 12 to 14 hours. These crimes seem more a crime of convenience. The car thief should just buy his own car and stick with it.”
Source – The Salt Lake Tribune, July 30

Grantsville Arson TRUTH – Alien Jim Exclusive.

Everyone knows that Tooele County is where you hide things in plain sight. Strange things live in normal looking houses, or are stored in bunkers under the vast empty spaces. However he shear amount of razor wire and government presents in Tooele is a dead give away. My dear readers, You may have read about the recent fire in Grantsville. The only true part of it was it was arson and murders. But my friends, I have the truth for you. I have the truth and maybe a few answers to WHY.
You see, I know that house. And it is a bad place. I’ve always gotten weird vibes from it. Like something was wrong. More than once when I walked past during the day did I see humanoids in bunny suits. Why bunny-suits? Hidden protection probably.
Anyway, last night I went poking around. The house was mostly destroyed, but not nearly destroyed enough. I found interesting evidence the authorities didn’t tell the news.
I found melted Kevlar. Kevlar is NOT easy to melt. I did research and it melts at 600C. Well within the temperature range of a house fire. But it was also fused to the concrete floor. The media did acknowledge the murders of 9 people in the home. Now a lot of stuff had already been moved, taken away for investigation, so I can’t really confirm or refute nine dead bodies.
But I found something else while I was poking around; A subbasement. A second basement. It was more intact than the rest of the house. Probably because the oxygen ran out faster down there. What did I find? Bones. And surgical tools. There was also a bathroom that was a little fire blackened but otherwise intact. The vibe of the place was really, evil. It also smelled awful; like when you burn yourself on the stove. What the hell do bunnymen want with surgical tools and a subbasement? Nothing good I can tell you.
Is this why someone shot up the place and burned it to the ground? Obvious answer is yes.
These bunnymen are not government; as much as I hate to say it, the government is more subtle than that. They might be Alien. Whatever they where, they weren’t very nice. My dear readers, I can say I believe that there might be 9 bodies, but there is still a bunnyman alive someplace; would the government, or anyone willing to do this sort of thing, not try to take at least one alive? Maybe one alive and one dead… The whole thing is a mystery surrounded by enigmas and disturbing evidence.
Source – Alien Jim Blog, July 31


My dear readers, you may recall a story I did on Microwave death rays that I was asked to take down under threat of legal action. Sadly while I can not post it again, I am going to say this; this is more evidence that these devices are being field tested in covert ways. I highly doubt the testers on that day thought they would meet with such success; think about it, what are the chances that a car would drive by filled with something like 2000 rounds of ammunition, at the same time a microwave death ray is being tested.
In my previous article I talked about the potential for it to have a calibrated range that could shoot through walls and around corners; that is what happened here. Except it would seem it was more complex than your average microwave death ray. This device seems to be able to resonate at the perfect frequency that it can cause primer to vibrate so fiercely, that it goes off. With a device like that, they could resonate your bones out of your body. This is technology based on recovered UFO technology. This technology is frightening. The application for military and police uses is obvious.
Luckily for us “normal” people, the technology is still woefully impractical; the thing would require A LOT of power, thus limiting its ability to be deployed to stationary check points.
Source – Alien Jim Blog, July 31st

July 2013 News

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