Furious Angels Inc.

Returning To The City

Hiding out at Archies Cabin…

The team is laying low. They do pretty well. Nick makes important discoveries about Alice being involved with Prosper. Sally has taken to hunting. Eric is trying not to go stir crazy. Fox is having a grand old time, but the doctor is feeling very depressed.
Days pass
The good man is spotted one evening. The next day, Sandra shows up, gives the team a business card with a number to call. Eric and Fox go down to the nearby town of Wanship. They use the pay phone. Roland answers. And then demands, soon after, arrangements are made for a “care package” – that Eric needs to be tased. Fox obliges. Eric is less than amused.

The team wakes up the next morning to low flying aircraft. A few members go outside, and see the plane as it drops off a crate, that doesn’t have much in it; a note, a key, and a GPS.
The note reading, “Sorry about blowing your cover, hope you are ready to go!”
The team rushes to pack the van. They hear helicopters coming. Nick and Eric split up to try to distract the helicopters. Eric does very well. Nick’s driving, ends up with him jumping his wonderful car down a hill. He manages to get it to a place where he and sally steal another vehicle; a Toyota Tundra. They manage to loose the helicopters long enough to get some distance. But not enough; the truck has some parts missing, but it lasts long enough to get to the highway, where they steal yet another car. A 1984 Ford Escort. They escape, but notice the large amount of cops going the other way up the canyon.
The team manages to make it to the address. Nick and Sally show up first. And are confronted by Hans. Hans is standoffish to Sally. But that’s ok. Because she is stand offish to her. He is much more friendly to Nick.
When Eric, Fox, and Archie show up, Sally tries to make sure Eric is calm about this. Which is interesting, and strangely thoughtful. It doesn’t seem to be necessary. Or, it really is necessary. Hans really likes Eric. Eric, is baffled and frightened by the friendliness and kindness he receives from Hans.
Sandra and Hans have been setting up shop. The team helps set up the warehouse. They find a weird tarot deck, that ends up vanishing at some point.
Eric finds a volume of “Secret Species” and looks up the Skinwalker from his dream a while back.
That night, they all find their places to sleep. Fox immediately claims a room. Eric sleeps on a couch that was shipped in a huge crate. Sally sleeps in the huge crate, amongst packing peanuts. Nick has a similar idea. The doctor sleeps in his “surgery” area.

The next day the team has a full day. They discuss a plan to get Victor out. Fox calls his contact to get some passes so they can deliver some food stuffs to get into the Jail. They also decide to let Victor know the plan best they can. Sally goes in disguised as a lawyer.
The team dispose of the stolen car, and acquire a new car; a 2003 Toyota Camry. Eric drives Fox to a payphone to call Alice. Alice agrees to meet at the office in a few hours. Fox takes the bus to the office, Eric goes and picks up, Archie, and Nick.
Meanwhile, Sally is talking with Victor, and maintaining a professional appearance. She hands a truffle to him, which he eats. She assures Victor that they’ll get things sorted.
Fox arrives at the office, and the others had gotten out of the car, intending to get some coffee. They saw someone circling the block, and kept an eye out. The car stops and Fox is asked to get in. Fox does so, and the team follows the car to the Wells Fargo business building. They manage to figure out the car with fox has gone to a floor in the parking garage with direct access to the building.
Fox is escorted in. Eric, Archie, and Nick walk in. They bluff their way past security. Archie decides to wait by the car.
Fox gets into Prospers office, near the top. Eric and fox are pretty close behind, and they wait outside.
Fox meets with Alice, and Prosper, after a while of being kept waiting. Fox knocks on the entrance door, softly. This confuses Eric and Nick. They decide to wait. Finally they show up, and Fox has a talk with both of them. At which time Eric and Nick bust down the door.
A short combat, in which the secretary pulls out an assault rifle (but doesn’t hit anyone with the shots fired) and a few knee capping, they end up with the hostages of Alice and Prosper. They pick up, and carry them out of the building. Nick takes point, and takes out security. They escape with the prisoners, and drive away, under a rain of bullets. But none of them hit.
A bit of interrogation later, reveals, Prosper is a nutbar, but just might be able to do half of what he says he can. Alice is a sadder case; easily led, looking for power, and gets used.
Alice gets burned, Prosper gets dismembered. Alice dies, and prosper leaves his body. Fox doesn’t stay around for the burning process; he is kind of disgusted by this.


Sally wakes up, not in a good mood. Getting shot hurts, and even though she didn’t have any physical damage done to her body, she still felt, hurt. Vulnerable. She was going to have some words with Victor and Sandra when she got in. In fact, why wait? She calls them up. There is no answer.

Fox wakes up to harsh words. Victor is arguing with Alice.

Alice: It doesn’t matter what you think, we are a company, we need to make money
Victor: You should have cleared it with me. I know you are in this just for the pay check, but unlike most companies, we have values…

A phone rings. The conversation ends there.

Eric and The Doctor have both called Nick for rides.

On the way to pick them up, Nick sees blockades on fire blocking a street. Closer look reveals some sort of paramilitary force and gunfire further up the road. He takes photos, sends them on, and picks up Eric and The Doctor.

As soon as Sally shows up she starts yelling for Victor. Victor, a bit distracted comes out. She tries to chew him out, but he is a little surprised. “That wasn’t supposed to happen until next week. I guess reaching through time is tough to be right on. We where going to warn you…” Sally is a bit put off by this. And insists prior warning to anything else he knows is planned like this. Victor nods and shakes her off. After everyone arrives, Victor leaves someplace.

Alice calls a meeting, and lays out the mission: Capture the main three gang leaders.
Crip, Blood, Sureneo. Capture the leaders alive. Deliver them to the SLC PD headquarters.
“We are going to make an example of them.” insists Alice.

Everyone loads up. The first stop, the very drug house the team previously snatched the drug dealer from.

And, it’s empty. A convoy of black Chevy Suburbans driving away. Eric gives chase in the 2008 Dodge Sprinter. The Convoy breaks apart. They follow one, for a few miles, and decide to go back to the house.

A quick investigation reveals the door handle and the area around it are broken. The windows where broken from the outside. Well, looks like the gang unit got this one.

They drive to the Crip’s HQ, and scout it out. Enclosed neighborhood, guards at the front.
So it is deemed prudent to drive around the back and enter in through a back fence. An empty house with easy access to the backyard is found. The van is backed in. Eric makes the jump, and so does Fox. Nick and The Doctor bulldoze the fence in Hot Fuzz Fashion. Sally climbs up onto a near by Roof and scopes out the situation.
The tactical situation is interesting. Sniper support is an awesome thing to have.

The team gets to the central clubhouse, and is spotted by one guy. Who freaks out, but the other guys aren’t sure what he is yelling about. He tries to open fire, and his gun explodes in his hand. Fox yells something that stuns the crowd. The gangsters are taken down, and the other people (who are definitely involved with the gang, but are unarmed) stay still. Fox and Nick go up the stairs, and Fox is greeted by gunfire from the gang leader and his thugs. Fox quickly decides the best action is to tell them “If you want to see your wives and or prostitutes again, you better put down those weapons!”. Surprisingly it works. Stunned they all silently weep about their hired lovers. One guy drops his gun in the name of Cinnamon and it shoots him in the leg. They grab the gang leader and take him outside, and back to the van. On the way back the bulk of the gangs crew show up again. The team escapes them easily enough.

Next is the Bloods. Some of the streets are blocked. Right about the time the crew shows up, the gang is moving out. A chase ensues. Eric drives well. An armored van matching paces with a Cadillac de Ville.

The chase was cut short when another driver didn’t stop (who actually probably had the right of way) hit the gang vehicle, killing the Driver and the rear passengers. the Gang leader was badly injured, and partially conscious. Eric avoided hitting the other driver. A gang vehicle that had been giving chase, stops. Archibald shoots a tear gas round into the car, blinding and choking the occupants. Fox drags the gang leader out the car and throws him into the van, where he gets drugged and zip tied securely.

The team drives to the SLC PD headquarters, and immediately Sally and Fox sense danger. So they leave immediately. Fox calls his contact, and they go to Minerva Investigations to hide out.

They get a call from Alice asking where they are. She is encouraging them to take the prisoners back to the police department.
Eric, Fox, and Nick go to the Furious Angel’s Headquarters and start looting. The plan is to go to a rental property that Archibald owns. They grab a bunch of ammo, Nick grabs a nice laptop and some other equipment. He takes files (video footage mostly) and also manages to find Victor; he’s been arrested, and is also being moved someplace. Eric goes upstairs to where Victor has been living, and finds a black lock box. He grabs it, and also finds a slip-hiding place, containing a black diary of Victors encounters with various enemies, allies, and others of a strange and supernatural nature. They load up Nick’s car, and head out.

The entire team abandons their cell phones and gang leaders (which now have wonderfully fabulous new “tattoos” on them) in a park.

Meet The Founders
Closest Compatible Companions

As The Team Sleeps…

They dream. Well, not really. They travel. Far, far away, long, long ago. To Detroit, in 2006. The entire team is there. Eric assimilates and copes with what is happening first; he is not in his body. He is sharing the driving seat with Ivan Fury. The original founder of Furious Angels Investigations, which then turned into, Furious Angels Incorporated. The Boss. Eric decides to check out his trench coat and the gear he has on him. He finds a spirit long sword, which he steps outside to draw and take a look at; a glowing blue blade.

Next person to assimilate and cope with what is happening, is Archibald who is just another voice, another impulse, another thought, if a bit more solid in their intentions and tenacity, and convictions, in the head of Roland St. Jude. He is tinkering with his Foaming Lycan Suppression Device. The doctor offers some insight on how to increase the range some.

Next is Nick in the mind of telecom owner Seth Clark, who is in the process of accessing the surveillance system of the base they are planning on infiltrating. The Intern, as far as Roland is concerned. Seth was told to expect this sort of thing.

Next is Sally in the mind of Gabriel Finlay. This one doesn’t go so well. Gabriel is smoking, and starts coughing. He gains control again, and keeps smoking, and Sally keeps reading the surgeon generals warning to him. He keeps smoking.
Sally: “This will kill you some day”
Gabriel: “I’ve inhaled worse. You should meet my brother.”
There is a little bit more of a power struggle, of sorts. Gabriel coughs again and swears and moves outside next to the Van’s mirror. And It is a face Sally recognizes. Except, not. It’s, harder, more disciplined, focused; a soldiers face. A hardened face, that might have been Valentina’s Graham, if Gabriel wasn’t as, in control.

Next, Fox finds himself in another body, Quantum Leap style. Except, they are still there as well. The body is some what familiar to him. He figures out a way to look at his reflection, and confirms his suspicions. He is with Victor Sanders. He almost immediately starts working on sending Victor a subliminal message to increase his pay, and give him some chocolate Eclairs. Victor was also expecting this sort of thing.
“We were expecting help, I just didn’t think it would come like this.”

Seth gains access to the video feeds, as well as a ton of data about the temperature, humidity, and all the like. He sees cages, glass holding cells, dark hallways, and a Surgery theater. He does this through turning the temperature up and down really fast, tripping a sensor, which somehow opened up the camera feed to his access. Nick is, disappointed in this security. Seth, is amazed that anything so badly designed would ever be used.

In the surgical theater, an operation is underway. The cages are thick boxes, with air-holes and not much else. What is inside, must be really scary. The glass holding cells hold, A squirrel, a bear, a giant white rabbit, and an androgynous humanoid with extremely intelligent eyes.. The empty hallways have something off. Seth tweaks the contrast, and can make out ghostly outlines formed from the noise in the image. Everyone crowds around.

Recon done, they decide to try to gain access to the underground lab. The bottom floor is completely overgrown, effectively closing off the entry options there. Gabriel climbs up to the fire escape and, drops it down for everyone to climb up. It hits Ivan/Eric and knocks him down. He isn’t badly injured though, he gets up, and climbs up. Doctor Roland, Seth/Nick, and Victor/Fox climb up. They investigate the 2nd floor. Though Ivan autopilots towards the roof. Old habits die hard.

Finding nothing of interest on the 2nd floor, they try to get to the 2nd floor. Roland jumps, trying to collapse the floor (again, old habits…). He doesn’t make a dent. Victor jumped, and made it through. Eric got his leg stuck. Everyone else had a little more sense, and found the stairs. Eric got unstuck and took the stairs. They found an elevator.

They open the doors, and see that it goes quite a ways down. About a 5 minute climb. They climb down, and get on top of the elevator. They climb in, and it is a pretty snug fit. There is only one button. Which Fox presses.

And the elevator rockets up. Fox and The Doctor end up on the bottom of the pile.

Retry: everyoen climbs down. Gabriel uses a little detcord to open the elevator door. A loud bang, and it was neatly open. Everyone climbs into the open elevator door, and stares down the fall.

Those gifted with the sight of magic, see the phantom guards. Victor and Gabriel sense danger, and stand ready. Seth pulls out an amplifier, and antenna array, and starts messing with them. Roland creates a salt barrier, and Ivan draws his Spirit Long Sword.

The fight goes well. Victor and Gabriel do feel a bit, useless, but understand this is the sort of thing that the Founders are good at. Ivan focuses, and Roland chants something, to hold the phantoms closer to this reality, so more damage can be done to them.

The phantoms are vanquished. Seth links back up with the van and scouts out the situation. The cages have been opened; monstrous humanoid hybrids, more animal, but still recognizably human. Some remember what was done to them, and their rage is apparent in their eyes. The staff have locked one half of the doors. The surgery is still in progress.

The battle that ensues is essentially a massive slaughter. A few of the monsters huddle in a corner and leave the team alone. The staff are killed quickly.

The glass cells, have, the strange inspiration for all of this experimentation. An Androgynous humanoid, with intelligent eyes. A giant white rabbit, that greets the team, like he’s been waiting for them. He also claims, to be the “laughter in the woods.” The Bear, also with intelligent eyes. And a squirrel wearing a crown. He looks at Roland, and takes off the crown, and he is in Roland’s mind. Showing his appalling power. An immortal mind-controlling squirrel, that is tired of riding around in other things minds, and wants some peace and quiet. And also to hide from something that this terrifying little creature, is scared of. The team frees them all, and all but the giant white rabbit accompany the furious angels back to the van.

The team searches the place. They loot the hard-drives, and one interesting technology; nanobots. During the placing of the last charges to level the place, and during the mop up, Ivan gets attacked by something big and nasty with claws. He loses a lot of blood. The Future team has seen these before, and knows how to use them. Ivan gets injected with Nano’s, and the bleeding stops quickly.

The final run of placing the charges, the main elevator dings. And a heavily armored man steps out. Ivan, Gabriel, and Seth open fire. And, don’t do too much. He does a wide sweep with his SMG, and shoots Gabriel. Ivan has his Kukri in his hand and swings at the back of his neck; and the armored man is knocked out, and bleeding bad. Eric has had a bad day, and isn’t feeling merciful, so he blows the poor bastards head off with a shotgun.

Everyone gets in the van, and then is torn from the minds and thrown back into their own bodies, waking up the next morning…

A Tea Party, CBI Infiltration, and an Insane and Wealthy Client

The Morning’s Events

Short version: Fox shows up back from Bonneville, and a time slip run around.
Nick gives a ride to the Doctor and Eric.
Sally walks to work, sees another black window tinted Crown Victoria. She does some elegant acrobatics, picks up a rock while rolling into cover, and throws the rock, breaking the tail light of the car. She hides very effectively from the driver.

The Pre-Tea Party

Fox forgot about the party. The Doctor, and Eric, and Nick all remembered. Sally also forgot about the Tea party.

Nick, in his quest to discover what is in the basement of Furious Angels, takes the elevator down, while Eric yells at Sandra about “Thirty three fucking pounds of C4” and is infuriated by the,
“I thought you guys knew what you where doing. My mistake for trusting you.”
And giggling. He storms out and decides to go to the firing range. He has to wait for the elevator to grind it’s way back up to his level.
Nick, explores one of the doors; the one that goes to the construction area. He finds the large rooms being carved out of the bedrock. He also finds an interesting bit of construction equipment; it looks like a simple heat gun, connected to one hell of a large box. He points it at the wall, and turns the dirt molten. No visible light, just suddenly the dirt is glowing, and running down the wall, before it cools into a solid blob of a rock. Nick, laughs evilly. He tries it out on some spare rebar; and same thing. It instantly goes molten, and runs away.

Eric goes down to the firing range, sets up a target with a badly drawn face of Sandra, gets the largest gun he can find (Which of course is the Magnum Research Desert Eagle. With his recent injuries, he is healthy, but his strength, and dexterity are still damaged. So with the penalties, only a critical success would have have resulted in him hitting the target.) He holds the gun up, and fires.
And drops it and the gun goes spinning around and the bullet doesn’t come any place close to hitting the target. Eric screams like a girl, which is heard by everyone upstairs, and Nick. Everyone comes down to see what happened. The doctor, bringing his medical bag, knowing that Eric has likely wound up wounded again.

Eric cleans up everything and acts casual. Sally hears an evil laugh from the next room. They go to investigate, and find Nick melting words and symbols into the rock and dirt. Nick explains his working theory of the gun. Something with microwaves. Sally takes the Melts-All and tests it out. Eric vocalizes his thoughts about its use as an interrogation tool. Sally gives him a look, and Eric suggests it next time they have a hostage he’ll let Sally use it. Sally forgives Eric for just about everything.

Victor shows up and isn’t at all surprised to find the team investigating (playing) with the Insta-Melt. He says it will still be here. Sally wants to know why they haven’t seen it before. Victor explains the impracticality of it; it takes a lot of power, thus the huge transformer box it’s connected to. Sally (and everyone) accepts this and goes back up for the tea party.

The Tea Party

Fox gets tea-bags from Sandra and Victor, and Eric orders cucumber sandwiches. Fox’s shows the Documents he has received from his contact concerning Furious Angels. They examine them, and arrive at their own conclusions…

CBI Infiltration

With the ID’s that The Doctor took off the two men who where poking around his property, he and Eric walk into CBI unchallenged. They are able to search the files for names. They pull a few files concerning Furious Angels. They have files on Sally, Eric, and The Doctor. Nothing on Nick or Fox though. Someone enters the file room and knows they are there but mostly ignores them. They take the files and walk out. Someone challenges them on the way out. The doctor keeps walking, Eric turns and talks to the guy.

Eric’s story is he was stopping by to pick up files for his friend who was sick. The CBI guy that challenged them says, “We’ll be in touch” – Eric also gives him is real name. Something he mentally kicks himself for. He gets out though, without a fight.

Back at the Office and the next few days.

Eric and The Doctor share the documents they got. It would seem the operation was initialized internally by one C. Prosper

Nothing happens. The team puts out some feelers, looking for work. The weekend happens, CBI talks to Eric, and Eric brushes them off fairly effectively again. They get back to the office on August 5th (another uneventful day)

A Client with more money than sense.

Keaton Weiss walks in on August 6th, and offers the angels half a million up front, to take a package off a truck that is coming from Nevada. Another half million on completion.
The object in question seems to have a power over people who touch it; they want it, for no good reason. They become obsessed when they touch it.
The team plans: Eric and Fox will try to get the package that night, Sally will be posted along the highway to shoot the tires out. Nick and The Doctor will be waiting at a truck stop in Stansbury.
Eric and Fox show up in Wendover. They find the truck, and break into it. However the trailer has an alarm, and alerts the driver to the break in. Eric finds the box, but realizes his strength isn’t what it normally is. He lets fox know. They trade spots. While Eric is on watch, he catches a glimpse of someone in the window. He lets Fox know. Fox moves the boxes that are in the way, gets the box (it is really heavy). Fox gets out of the truck. Eric closes the back, as the trucker is on the phone, walking to the truck.

Fox takes the box to the company car. Eric gets the crap kicked out of him by a huge trucker. Fox uses his Disruptor, and shoots the truckers leg off. Eric manages to stay conscious and Fox caries him to the car. He helps get him focused enough to drive away. It nearly works. On his way out Eric runs over a sign, and turns the wrong way. but it doesn’t matter; he still makes it on the highway. They pick up the rest of the team, and collect the money from Keaton Weiss, who opens the box and holds something about the size of a thermos, engraved with symbols and seems to glow with it’s own unnatural light.

Hostages, Car Pools, Body Disposal, and Emergency Surgery

The Morning’s events.

Nick wakes up with an IV in his arm. He has been recovering from being shot, and starving, and all that jazz. The very ethical nurse, Daryl Thurman Stanfield, has taken a page from The Moderately Alright Doctor’s book, and has left a note with instructions for Nick. He eats something, and realizes his car is still at the office, and starts walking to the office. It’s a very long walk.. Fortunately, Victor shows up in Nick’s car, and gives him a ride.

Eric wakes up, and decides to be moral, and takes the bus to work.

While Arch is eating breakfast, he notices two men being very obvious about looking into his house. He is able to sneak up on them, and gets them to surrender their wallets, and everything in their pockets. Arch has his flare gun loaded with a dragons breath shotgun round. Which he shoots into the air. Which causes one to have a rush of common sense and runs like hell. The other gets taken captive by Arch. Tied up and strapped to the surgery table. He finishes his morning routine, gets dressed, and is about to leave when Victor pulls up and gives him a ride.

Sally sees another black crown vic, and hides. And Victor rolls up and gives her a ride as well.

Victor shows up about the same time as Eric, who makes a snide remark involving soccer moms. Sally glares at him.

Body Disposal

The body count from the warehouse job, (3) and the one guy from Sally’s apartment (1), and one stolen truck, need to be disposed of. The team decides that a combination of thermite, and C4 is the best way to go. They drive the truck and its content, as well as the company car, to a back road , not nearly as far as one would expect.
Archibald visualizes the ignition system and wiring and explosives placement, and successfully gets it all wired up. Actually, quite a bit more than is probably necessary. (33 pounds of C4 – every member walked out of the Armory carrying some).
Eric gets the honors of pressing the buttons. First the Thermite.
Nothing appears to happens. Eric, very reasonably, doesn’t want to get close to the truck at all. The team starts arguing and doesn’t notice that there is thermite dripping onto the ground at this point. Eric is the first to notice, and is very excited that it did in fact work. The rest of the team retreats further back, to where the company car is parked.
Eric is standing a bit closer. He presses the button, and, promptly blows himself up. The explosion knocks nearly everyone off their feet, and Eric takes serious damage from the explosion, then there is the shrapnel. Eric is, dead. He has a near death experience, and talks to an “angel” who is infuriatingly vague and won’t answer any of Eric’s very reasonable question. The angel tells Eric, “you are going to be needed for something big.”
Eric wakes up in the back of the company car, screaming about angels, as the Doctor stabilizes him and Nick Robusto drives like a bat out of hell to get away from the scene of the explosion. Which is not exactly necessary; the cops and emergency departments are so busy with the gang war, it takes them a little over nine hours to respond to the scene. It would seem, there are more important things happening than trucks exploding.

Emergency Surgery

It would seem lady luck was smiling on Eric that day; the hostage the doctor took in the morning, was still there, and was the same blood type as Eric. They suspend the hostage from the ceiling, and hook him up to Eric. Sally and Nick assist with the surgery. Sally calls Victor and lets him know what is happening. The surgery goes well; all the shrapnel is removed and Eric is stable. Sally tries to shave off Eric’s eyebrow, but even under anesthesia, Eric is aware of this, and manages to move his head enough to avoid this.
Victor finally shows up with a polished metal cylinder. It looks like a thermos. Except that it has frost on it, and has fog billowing off it. Victor explains they are nanites, and will help the healing process for Eric. “These are very expensive. Please don’t take these for granted. We need to order more.”

As soon as they are introduced into his system, his wounds close and heal. it is a site to behold. It happens fast enough to be barely perceivable; like the rotation of the earth and the shadows moving.
An interesting things happens; the metal plate in Eric’s left hand, becomes seamlessly fused to his own skin. It is a living part of him now. It is no longer cold. He has sensation in it as well. It’s kind of creepy when you think about it.

The Furious Day Off


Seeing as how insanely busy July 29th was, the Furious Angels got to sleep restfully that night. No worries about being up on time to get to work, just pure lovely sleep.

Sally dreamed of being in the desert. She “woke up” with a shovel in her hand, a half dug desert grave, and a body bag, containing The Good Doctor. Close examination revealed no obvious wounds, and no obvious signs of poison. Well, except the scorpion crawling out of the doctors mouth. The buzzards are circling. Deciding the obvious seclusion is as good as a deep grave, she takes the scorpion out of the body bag, and moves the body into the hole and throws a shovel full of dirt on the body.
And wakes up at night. One foot buried in the grave. The scorpion acting like a halo for Sally. She gets her foot out of the grave, picks up the scorpion, and sees a light on the mountain. He scorpion sits on her head, and grips her hair, as Sally runs freely, each stride 50 feet long, the altered time sense making up for how fast the distance is actually being covered. Eventually the light comes to Sally. And Sally feels…something. The light is friendly, and kind, and is telling Sally (in bizarre flashes of images) that she is powerful, and has so much more potential than she embraces. Sally gets the daunting feeling that they want to “upgrade” her. Which is always a scary thought. (What if we don’t want to be upgraded?) Sally floats into the light and, upon waking can’t remember what happened after that. It’s like the things that exist in that piece of the dream, can’t (or don’t) exist in this reality.

Sally’s next dream that night, involves an air conditioned nightmare of a motel. The strange beach party from hell is happening in the pool outside. She leaves the Air Conditioned motel room in hopes to escape. But headless “beach boys” block her path in the parking lot. Which, is in the desert she was in before. She recognizes the mountains. But there is clearly no place to go. The VW Vanagon’s painted in “surfer chic” clearly have no place to go. The Scorpion wanders in from the desert; a friendly entity in hell motel. But all the parting stops. The façade is frozen, like someone forgot to put it on loop. They are still, and lifeless.
And a giggle. Sally asks, “Do you want to come out?” “nooooooo” said the giggly voice. And Sally finds the room it’s coming from, on the second floor. Opening the door, looking down, into an empty room about 300 feet below. and 300 feet above, “the clown maker” making unwilling clowns. Sally climbs up, then down as the perspective shifts, and it becomes very obvious the forced clowns are the raised dead. Having none of this, Sally manifests a Barrett M82 a gun designed for use against military equipment, a gun that kills tanks often as not, and shoots the clown maker. Who teleports (a little too late) and is missing a good part of his torso. The clown maker is screaming in pain, but it is also laughter. Sally slams the butt of the gun into the clown maker, and…beheads him. His head falls “up” and he laughs and screams. The headless body tries a hilarious “oh where did my head go” thing, but Sally kicks the torso, and the bodies mass times about a thousand, sprays through the neck stump. and it collapses in on itself. The head of the Clown Maker is laughing, but he’s sad. Sally doesn’t take any shit from her subconscious.

Eric dreams of being on top of a 90 story building in Salt Lake City (hey, it’s a dream.) He notices a weird bracer he has on, that goes into the skin, and, into the bone (he just knows this.) The wind picks up and blows him off the building. And he skydives around it. And focuses his will enough to stop. He tries to fly, but that doesn’t work, so he slowly (gently) falls to the ground and hits the concrete very softly. The city is empty of people. And the reason for that… The city eats people. The large building that Eric fell off, is alive. and trying to get him. He raises his braced arm, to block this huge building, and discovers, it has a grappling hook, which shoots out, latches on to another building and pulls him along, out of danger. He spends time acting like spider-man, until the building tries to kill him again. He latches on to it, and the building starts eating the cable, Eric decides to punch a building. And does so. Very well. Very hard. The building explodes like a hotdog in a microwave. Meaty building pieces rain down upon the downtown area. Eric is straight up flying at this point. He does victory aerobatics.
Next dream, Eric is riding at rain through a glowing red tunnel. He climbs along the train and discovers it mostly empty, except mostly for the tanker cars. Cheetos breath, Doritos breath, mountain dew, liquified donuts, (he gets donuts poisoning and for the rest of the dream can only smell donuts). The train slows down, and eventually stops. Eric investigates, and sees Arch in the train, wearing a very, floral night gown. Arch mumbles something, Eric tries to slap sense into Arch, and…fails. He eventually gets the train started and it sounds like a vacuum cleaning for some reason.

Archibald Reginald Fawkners had a dream involving the president. Definitely the president, and Arch definitely has a gun. But Also there is another one of him. He looks very secret service. And it is really weird to look at yourself with your own eyes. Then the president turns into the pope. And Archies turn into Swiss guards. With Halberds. A lanky dark teenager walks towards the Pope with a knife. He dodges the prod of the halberds. “Do you mind?! I’m trying to kill the Pope!” Archie moves to flank, and cuts off the assassin’s knife hand. He sulks, and starts walking away. And gets Hamstrung. and falls and turns into a weird goo. That the pope throws a vial of holy water at, and it explodes. But then the pope turns into Prosper. Well, Archie knows what to do with that. Archie turns into an inspector gadget type cyborg. And grinds up prosper, and paints a eulogy, to prosper. That then runs and gets away down the drain.
Archie wakes up and then tries to go to sleep again. He dreams of not being able to sleep. But he also dreams of cleaning the upstairs of his house. He experiences being a vacuum cleaner, as well as what it is like to be pinesol. Being pinesol isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. He wakes up the next morning, smelling like pinesol.

A Day Off

Sally, inspired by her dream, after getting ready for her day (steel cut oatmeal with flax-seeds, and morning training) sets about buying a scorpion. The scorpion is named Cecily.

Arch wakes up, and wakes up Eric. Eric is in pain, so he gets some lovely pain killers. The doctor makes his standard commercial breakfast, and makes one for Eric. Eric and the doctor demolish the commercial breakfast with great enthusiasm. The Doctor goes to resupply his surgery, and Eric decides to steal a vehicle. He takes the keys off a woman. As well as, well, everything she had. (Critical success on pick pocketing) – she didn’t notice until the breeze picked up. Eric also got $500 in a chewed up envelope that had the words “Blackmail money” on it. He went and got coffee and donuts, and went to see The Expendables 2.

Sally gets approached by meth-head missionaries. They really want to talk about how awesome god is and they say things like, “I’m not a sinner, I’ve got no problems with god” – Sally tries to scare them off. But they are strung out, so they don’t care. They keep talking. So Sally launches into a tirade, about cleansing fire, and being purified, getting a blank slate – “I’m neither in Gods nor the devils domain. I am powerful in my own right, because I have been touched by a power greater than your god.” This, is pretty extreme so they back away and leave the train promptly.

Eric is approached by Mormonaries. “Have you heard the good news?” they ask.
“It’s free pancake day at IHOP?” asks Eric. The missionaries laugh and say no, and Eric tells them he really isn’t interested. He tries to run away, and, falls down. The missionaries pick him up, and start talking to him. Eric is embarrassed, and listens for a minute. But then he says he isn’t interested again, and… moon walks away, at great speed. Around the corner, and into legend.

Jehovah’s witnesses show up at Archie’s house. So he threatens them with a bone-saw, and they leave.

Sally’s apartment is open when she gets there. And she is attacked by an idiot; black turtle neck, black pants, knife from the knife block. He hits sally in the arm. She sets down her new pet calmly (but quickly) pulls out the switchblade she carries, and as the guy lunges to…dodge. Lot of good it did him, because he practically sliced his own jugular, on Sally’s knife. Or Sally slices his jugular. It’s a little confusing. There is a lot of blood, everywhere and the guy is dead; no ID, no identifying marks of any kind, nothing. Sally calls victor (very cross) and wants to know what to do about the body. Victor says he’ll be over, and explains they have a few bodies than need disposing, of, and that this guy really was shit, and isn’t anyone he recognizes. No tattoos even, so clearly not a gangster type. Sally ponders if this is a “love note” which baffles victor a little bit. But he smiles after he decides that Sally is going to get new carpet and they can get rid of the body (or at least, get it out of the apartment building) by hiding it in the carpet. Sally, is… as happy as she gets, that victor has provided solutions and sees something she relates to in Victor; she won’t be writing strongly worded letters about her skills being used to guard cleaning supplies. In future such letters will be directed at Sandra. Sally gives him a dark chocolate truffle, which Victor thanks her for, unwraps, and eats it right then and there, which moves sally as a very trusting thing to. This strengthens her like (we guess) for Victor. Victor makes a phone call, and lets sally know that she’ll have the body and new carpet before sun down. The laborers show up, are very respectful, wrap up the body, and replace the carpet in her living room.

Eric gets shot at on the street (bloody gangsters) and dodges elegantly behind a car, duel wielding “The birds” with great authority. The blue 1993 crown Victoria drives away, quickly, knowing they’ve been seen. Eric, being ethical, decides to take the truck he stole earlier, back to around where he found it. on his way he hears about, oh, 1,850 rounds of ammunition, explode. In traffic. A head of him. Blue crown Victoria. Eric stops, does a victory “YES!” and then continues on his way. Taking the train/bus back to his warehouse, where the smell is actually quite distressing (oh right, that has been sitting around for…a little bit. oh, and a breaker was flipped. So, there goes the neighborhood. Eric cleans out the refrigerator, and thinks about buying a new refrigerator.

The good doctor organizes his “payments” in his shed and garage. And decides, he needs a wood chipper. He finds a place to buy one, and it will be delivered the next day. (Score!)

Meanwhile, Nick Robusto is being nursed back to health by a “very ethical” nurse. He doesn’t dream much, and doesn’t do much, because starving for a week and only eating ice cream afterwards, and being shot, kind of does that to you.

Fox explores the underground a little more, and establishes that the tunnels go quite a ways. To the University of Utah, the Salt Lake City Library, and subsequently the construction site of the new public services building, as well as the City County Building, The Matheson court house…. to name just a few.

Dispersal and Conclusion of Clean Living
Aggressive Actions

A little break

Nick Robusto was dropped off at his home. Drugged. He stayed on his porch for about 2 hours. He woke up and was paranoid, because he had been drugged so frequently in the past week, he was having trouble remembering his rescue. Again, being paranoid, naturally he commenced checking for traps. After establishing none of the doors were booby-trapped, he continued to check all his light bulbs, his furnace, and basically everything he could think of. He found one light bulb was burned out (he already knew that though.) He then went to find his car. He found it was at an impound lot, which he attempted to enter, sneakily. But failed. He decided the front gate was prudent. He talked to the impound lot manager and talked him down from $300, to $145, and got a free pint of ice cream from Baskin Robins, after driving down the street like a foo he got pulled over, and let go, went to Baskin Robins Ordered the pistachio ice cream, and ate all of it.

Sally Goode was dropped at home to change her clothing. And burn her old clothes. It would seem, in her mind, they are far beyond salvaging. and headed back to the office.

Eric Burnheart and Archibald Fawkners went back to Archie’s surgery. The surgery was a success; Eric even got “improved.” – a chunk of fairly flexible plate metal in his hand (+5 DR to left hand). Arch left Eric strapped to the table with a note on the ceiling: “If hungry, sandwich in fridge.” He left to reconvene at the office. Before leaving, Eric comes to briefly, and mumbles, “I don’t want to be the tea pot” and passes out immediately.

Fox lives at the office. He planted sunflowers, and then went on a walk around the neighborhood.

On the way back to the office…

Sally is being followed, again. And goes up a tree. Again. And Fox sees this. He goes and asks if she is OK. She is stony silent, and climbs higher in the tree. Sally’s stalkers confront Fox. And Fox acts, or, is, drunk. And bluffs his way away. And almost gets shot when he makes a grand gesture for his flask.

Sally figures she can make it to the next tree, and normally, probably could… But she slips up. An angel must have grabbed her leg or something, because she managed to stay in the tree, instead of falling the full 30 (or so) feet to the unforgiving ground. A few cracked ribs, and some fair amount of pain (but she soldiers on and doesn’t ask for medical assistance. Fox offers her gin. But Sally doesn’t take food, drink, medication, or poisons from strangers.

Fox critically disses one of the mysterious black-crown-vic-with-limo-tinting guys, with, “Farking donuts” …they go away. and cry. For like 8 hours. Bad childhood. Very bad childhood. He and Sally walk to the office together, mostly in silence. Fox notices, “Prosper City” scrawled on the wall. And finds “Prosper” to be a familiar name of some sort… Sally sees “Devil in disguise” which gives her the troublesome thought, maybe the devil looks different than what we all think. Would you know the devil if you saw him? Probably not. He’s sneaky.

Arch calls a cab, without bothering to change out of his surgical scrubs (not THAT much blood. just a bloody hand print or two.) They discuss many things. And Arch sees a sticker, that asks, “Who are you?” – So Arch tells the cabby who he is, exactly. “Good for you Squire!” And they engage in some interesting conversations.

Nick decides to head out (after eating the whole pint). He notices “Dontbombme.com” sprayed on a billboard. What a catchy URL!

Clean living conclusion

Once everyone is at the office Victor brings everyone up to speed. Tanya Romero (the photographer that Fox worked with) and Sandra took a few nights. Together. Apparently the resulting photos where quite a sight to behold. Arch notices Sally in pain, and diagnoses (from a distance) and slips a sealed bottle of painkillers into her picnic basket.

The same thing happens as before: night workers show up, they finish work, they leave. About midnight is when stuff starts happening.
Sally sees a gold Nissan Maxima (A car matching a description given by one of the night workers) drives by.
A strange noise is investigated, and the entry point is found; it is the adjoining warehouse. But that warehouse is empty. Investigation leads to Nick finding that the thieves have been entering the hallway, and then climbing up into the ceiling, dropping in through a bathroom, and bypassing code locks that way. Fox sees the gold Nissan Maxima in the parking lot on the other side. A truck pulls up and stops. Then backs up, and the driver gets out. Archibald, that marvelous medical man, shoots that guy. Then puts him out of his misery. Sally shoots out the tires on the truck. Nick climbs up into the ceiling, drops into the bathroom, and tries sneaking up on the two guys who are heisting the caustic soda. Fox goes the “sane” way and hits the first few keys of the keypad. And has one of the guys open fire on him. He isn’t hit though, and takes cover behind the wall, as the windows and door get shot to shit. He opens fire, and takes out one guy. Nick is able to sneak up on the guy wheeling the chemicals away (who at this point is now taking cover behind the barrel) – the guy sees him coming, and shoots him. Fortunately he is wearing body armor. Angels, man, seriously… Unfortunately, he is armed only with a taser, and his lunge at this guy, fails, and he tases himself. Again. Nick Robusto will not willingly pick up a taser from this point onward.
Fox takes this last guy down, and that is that. All threats eliminated.

Meanwhile…Eric wakes up, is hungry and in pain. He escapes, and gets that sandwich the note talks about.

Now, about all that blood…

Arch disinfects, pulls out the bullet, disinfects again, patches up Nick. And drugs him…again!
Fox drops everyone at their homes. Except Nick. Nick is staying the night at the office. Fox carries him tenderly across the threshold, and unceremoniously drops him on the conference room table. Eric is curled up on the kitchen table at Reg’s.

Victor and Sandra show up at the warehouse, with body bags, a mop, and a wet-dry vac. They sweep up the glass, and bullets, mop up the blood. A few hours later, a two guys show up, slap a fresh coat of paint on the wall, after replacing the door, the lock, the window, and even going as far as replacing the stickers on the door. Victor and Sandra spruce up the office; moving posters to cover two or three bullet holes in the dividing cubicle. A tow truck shows up and tows the shot up truck apart.

Victor leaves a note in the managers office: “Your problem is taken care of. Sorry if we missed anything.” as well as a bill, and a reminder to send a notarized document saying that “Furious Angel’s Inc.” gets a discount.

In fact, they did miss a few things. A few punctured aerosol cans, mostly. Man, “tango mango” smells good, but in that high of concentrations, it starts making people light headed. The sale samples also got a few slugs buried in them.

Everyone sleeps the sleep of people who had a REALLY long day. Good thing they have the next day off…

The Deliverance of Nick Robusto
Kidnapping, Bunnymen, Human Hides, and Arson.

Automotive Theft

About a week or two ago, the day after the Grand America party and bodyguard mission, Nick Robusto went missing.

He woke up the next day and found that his beloved car had been stolen. Practical as ever, he took out his iPhone, and looked up where his car was. He found it was parked in the Maverick Center parking lot. So he got on a bike, and rode to there. He was going to be late, but he was confident he’d get to work anyway.

He noticed a white van, following him, basically from the get go. But single minded in his purpose, he got to his car, and justifiably paranoid, decided to check his car for explosives.
While he was doing that, the van pulled up, and grabbed him. Two sets of fuzzy fury arms (Pink and Blue) grabbed him, and started dragging him away. He managed to get a name before they threw him in the van (he hurt his left leg on the way in). The name was Jim Weston Ford. Then they ground his face into the floor, and injected him with some stuff, and he went to sleep for a while.

Hell Is Being Trapped in a Crappy Bathroom. Also Bunnymen.

He then woke up in Grantsville. Near “Tool-ee.” They locked him in a sub basement bathroom (with cracking tiles, a blocked window, rust spots, or blood, Nick can’t really tell. He is still tied up, but he is determined. He decides to try to knock over the sink. He gets it wobbling, but doesn’t do anything. The Bunnymen came in, held him down, and injected him with a sedative, again. Nick spasm’s, and ends up breaking his right foot on the tub.

But being ever present, he woke up an hour later. And started trying to knock over the sink again. The Bunnymen seriously considered tripling the dose. But one of the smarter ones decided against it, knowing that overdose is a thing that can happen.

After a few days, he gets the ropes off himself, but still is trapped. He has maintained hydration from drinking from the sink.

He does overhear arguing with “The Big man” about how they kidnapped the wrong “Nick Robusto.” They also ordered pizza, and gave Nick a slice that was cold the next day. Pissed off by his circumstances, he decides that maybe he can flood the room.

The Calvary Arrives

After about a week, Nick gets the door open, quietly. No one is standing outside. He makes a run for it. Which does end up making a lot of noise. And the bunnymen are fast. He brawls with a pink bunnyman on the stairs.

Fortunately about this time, Furious Angels has figured out something is wrong (it’s been a long week. Priorities got all weird for a bit.) and have sent Arch, Eric, Fox, and Sally to rescue Nick. They start their assault on the Grantsville house.

Fox kicks in the door. Eric and Sally go down the stairs, Fox goes to the upper floor. Arch stays by the car. Eric and Sally are confronted by a Bunnyman wearing a Nazi SS uniform. (No, Eric wasn’t seeing things, because Sally saw it too.) And they opened fire on him. A 2nd Nazi Bunnyman enters the room, so Eric drops his M4A1, and pulls out his USP Tacticle, and (almost) takes the nazi bunnyman hostage. Practical as ever, Sally shoots the bunnyman quite neatly. And Eric picks up his M4 again.

Arch, hearing gun fire and getting a little bored, takes a blind-shot through a window. And hits the 2nd bunnyman in the same room as Eric and Sally. He shoots its arm, right off. (shotgun slugs are mean.) That one exited the fight, due do excessive bleeding. Seeing this happen, Eric and Sally finish off the last bunnyman, and Sally decides to be humane and put the bunnyman with no arm, out of it’s misery.

Fox attacks a the Blue Bunnyman in the kitchen. Hitting him with the butt of the MP5, and a little brawling, then backing up later, as The bunnyman grabs the knife block to throw at Fox, Fox guns it down. And then a Nazi Bunnyman comes out from a room behind him. And he turns and attacks that one, gunning it down nicely. That one got shot in the groin area, 3 times. And a few times in the chest. And in limbs.

Arch has a Nazi Bunnyman sneaking up on him, so he readies his action. And shoots that fool, and kills him. And repaints their white van.

Meanwhile, Nick gets away and runs up the stairs, being pursed by the pink Bunnyman, and a Nazi Bunnyman. Sally and Eric are in that hall, and yell at him to get down. So he does. and tries to trip the bunnymen. And doesn’t succeed at that. Eric opens up on the Pink bunnyman, and gets a headshot, and a few others. but first, was a headshot. then the rest… which, killed the fuck out of the pink bunnyman. Sally opens up on the Nazi one, and also kills the fuck out of that one.

Fox searches the bodies upstairs, finds two wallets on the bunnymen, Nick’s wallet and phone. $50, one ID, and a subway gift card in the two wallets from the bunnymen.

Sally, Eric and Nick are attacked by two more bunnymen. A yellow one, and another Nazi. With baseball bats. The Yellow one attacks Eric. He parries with his gun, cracking the fore-grip. He tries to fire, but is attacked again, and has his hand crippled. Sally narrowly misses being attacked, and opens up on the bunnyman, and kills him. Eric drops his m4a1 again, pulls out the USP Tactical and shoots the thing three times.


Then Eric gets a phone call from Victor. Eric is upset with his hand. And is kicking the shit out of the yellow one. Even though it is already dead. Sally wants to set fire to everything, and Victor gives the go ahead. A search of the sub basement reveals human skins. more searching results in them finding acetone, and gasoline, and break the gas lines as well. Arch diagnoses Eric and Nick, and administers a sedative (again!) to Nick. He bandages up Eric’s hand and they all leave, as Sally sets light to the house.

Clean Living, Over Par, and Dreams.

When Angel’s Dream…

Archibald dreamt of a wedding, between Calvin Prosper and Alice Harvey, with the crowd blindfolded, himself wearing a hideous brides maids dress; green and pink of some sort, and a moment of time to do whatever he wanted. So naturally he beheaded Prosper with a chair, pissed in the neck-hole of the severed head, and smashed the head into the ground with a handy marble pillar. The dream ends.

Fox dreamt about the Furious Angel’s offices on fire. He was in a luxuriously furnished version of his own room, with his glorious booze cabinet. he put the fire out with an infinite bucket of melted ice water, went to the lobby to investigate the cause, found Alice with a gas can and matches. She was unwilling to answer questions, so Fox decided to try to seduce the answers out of her. Back to his room, and a Bloody Mary later, all she would say was, “It was necessary.” The dream ends.

Eric dreamt about driving the company 2012 Chevy Impala really fast in the desert. He flew, briefly. But also flipped the car…again. But he did come to rest lightly and under no harm. Except that the car was off. And started smoking when he turned it on. His investigation into what was wrong with the car revealed that, under the hood, was darkness. Purest, blackest, darkness. The car ran on god damn darkness (roll to shit pants; failed…in dream. IRL, well….). He hears a distant car, and checks the trunk of the Impala to find a double barrel shotgun, beautiful carved and etched with symbols that can only be described as “holy” as well as a box of ammo. He loads up, and waits. and waits. And kind of looses his mind as far as the direction the car is coming from. Finally it shows up, and he gets a ride from a nice old man with no particular destination in mind. He says, “when I get there, I’ll know.” – Eric checks the ammo just because, feelings, and finds one shell etched with a cross, and the other an inverted pentacle. The car starts slowing, to avoid a fox in the road. They stop, and the fox turns into a man, who is coming at the car. Eric rolls down the window, and shoots the man with the right barrel (blessed ammo). And the man just looks…disappointed. The dream ends.

Sally dreamt of heaven. At least, heaven for such as her. She finds herself laying in the grass, looking at dark rolling clouds, and the smell of burning. A dry breeze ruffling her hair. Ash falling on her face. She sits up, and see’s a house on the other side of a town (a town she knows) on fire. She goes to investigate, and gets into the town, and realizes it is empty. No signs of violence, just the look of a place people just stopped living. No bodies, nothing, except a burning house. She notices Eric has been following her, and in a magnificent moment of lucidity, she unbelieves this incarnation, out of existence. Carrying on, she leaps and basically flies to the house, lightly using her fingers to propel herself along the roofs of houses to the one that is burning. She then focuses, and see’s time pass very fast; the house being built, added onto, almost burning down before, being remodeled, redecorated, and then Eric walking in, then back out, as smoke rises. Sally does not like Eric. There is nothing wrong with the word as is, she just wish she had burnt the house down herself. She figures a way to get back to that moment, and enters the house. She sees Eric entering the town, and makes ready a trap. But Eric catches on, and enters in the back, and something… is wrong. Sally is busy setting the house up for fire time, and doesn’t notice… the things that are wrong. She hears Eric’s scream down stairs, and he almost trips over her. Then she notices the shadow being cast. Or shadows rather. But no one there to cast them. The house is already burning, and she makes a dive out the window onto the lawn. Eric sees the shadow on the lawn, before they jump. But it is gone afterwards. The dream ends.

And this is where we join the Furious Angels.
They all go through their morning routines; Fox making a healthy screwdriver, Arch eating the sort of breakfast you see in commercials (pancakes, waffles, bowl of cereal, glass of orange juice, coffee, 6 grapefruits, 3 apples, a few oranges, toast with jam…), Sally ate something healthy, and grabbed her lighter before heading out, and Eric showered for reasons related to his dream, then had cereal (sans milk; it had gone off a few days ago. He should take care of that, or the police might be called.)
Fox lives at FAI, so he is already at work. Arch took a taxi, Sally walked, and Eric stole a Black Crown Victoria, with limo tinting on all the windows. OH yeah, and Sally was stalked by a Black Crown Victoria (not Eric though). Sally (very reasonably) acrobats her way into a tree and hangs out for about 15 minutes, while she is satisfied they have gone away.

Clean Living

The CEO of a janitorial supply company, Mike, came in to hire the Furious Angels to find out who is responsible for stealing Caustic Soda, and Ammonia, as well as Diesel Fuel from his company. He is very passionately angry about this, and ends up saying, “if you find them, shoot ’em with rock salt!”

Long story short, nothing happened that night. The warehouse staff where interviewed, observed working, and they left. Aside from Eric and Fox bonding, nothing happened. Everyone was very tired, and mildly pissed off. Good thing they have July 24th off.

Fox meets with Henry Ryther

What the hell sort of name is that anyway?
Fox meets with his contact, who tells him interesting things he needs to know. Now Fox is faced with information he isn’t sure what to do with.

Over Par

This is the day Arch has been waiting for. Today, is a good day. Today, is the day that Larry Wilson set up his golf game with Calvin Prosper. A golf bag full of shotguns, and Eric as his caddie, they steal two golf carts (Eric and Fox on one; they bonded during the warehouse mission, and Sally and Arch on one (Sally likes Arch; he makes her coffee). In his single mindedness, Goes over a hill in the golf cart. And down the otherside. All four wheels came off. The thing flipped, and rolled all the way down the hill. Sally escaped with fairly minor injuries, and Arch had hurt his left arm in the crash. He was still crawling towards Larry though. Eric and Fox helped him up, and he was feeling good enough to threaten Larry with his flaregun with a shotgun shell in it. “Prosper cancelled on me, I don’t know why!”
Surprisingly, Arch didn’t shoot Larry when he said, “He’s rich enough to do whatever he wants!” Maybe it was Larry saying, “he’s a bastard; i want to see him fry, but I don’t know why he canceled.” Maybe he realized it might slow down his revenge. In any case, poor Archie kind of blue screened for a while.

But not before Sally found the med-kit with syringes labeled with the teams names, as well as “wake up” and “go to sleep” – Now why didn’t she think of that?

The Story So Far

The Furious Angels stared hiring, and immediately got thrown in the deep end. The Day of the first round of interviews, the small unsuspecting office came under attack. But Furious Angels were prepared, and handled it well.

But the Furious Angels more or less took it personally. They where able to identify the thugs, and found their connection to the Sureno gang. So naturally, wanting to know more, they sent their bold new hires to kidnap a known lieutenant. Which they did, with great enthusiasm.

Through their interrogation they learned about some other plans of the Sureno’s; they where planning to kidnap an heiress.

About this same time, the mother of a bride to be wanted help to get her daughter out of this wedding. Interestingly, it was a political marriage between MS-13 and the Sureno gangs. Furious Angels sent in two agents to get the bride, and spread a little bad-will. They got the bride, and poisoned the punch (Which went on to kill 27 people at two separate block parties).

The Furious Angels (through some sideways dealings) got hired as body guards for this heiress’s party. They did their job very well. One agent (Eric Burnheart) maybe got a little hardcore on a few Aryan Brotherhood bastards, but hey, he has his reasons. Three dead Aryan brotherhood, and a shot up parking garage later, they got away, and got the Heiress to safety.

Determined to cause even more trouble with various gangs, they set about a heist, to steal nearly 20 metric tons of drugs (That is a lot of drugs. Like, too many.). The heist went smoothly, except for a determined security guard named Hans, who had been knocked out, but didn’t end up raising any alarms. One run over fence, and truck loaded later, he confronted the Furious Angel’s team and attempted to stop them leaving with the truck. Good thing to door was locked. Things go less well later on though, when the truck being driven by Eric Burnheart instead of being parked outside a warehouse of a known gang leader, crashed into it.


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