Eric Burnheart

Born under a bad star, but still a lucky man.



Eric Burnheart was born under a bad star. Throughout his early childhood, weird relatives, and complete strangers kept talking about his destiny, in a tone usually reserved for the dead.
Determined to have a normal life, he took up acrobatics at age 10. He did alright, but was definitely not a candidate to be batman’s sidekick. He joined the boy scouts and learned all the things boy scouts learned. As far as how much he remembered is absolutely questionable. He also was raised around guns, so had experience with pistols and shotguns, and maintained these skills through most of his life, when he could.

In keeping with his, born under a bad star destiny, He was kicked out at age 17. When asked, Eric says “there was no damn reason at all for it!” but the reason was, he was caught smoking weed with 3 other boys, who put all the blame on him. No matter, no criminal charges where every brought and that was find by Eric.

After High School, he went on a job search. He found a courier job, and it was a sweet deal. He drove a small cargo van, and sedans mostly. Things seemed to be going his way for once. He got promotions, rose rapidly through the ranks. Then what Eric started to call “Bad Star Syndrome” kicked in, and he was arrested for embezzlement. Turns out the other people in the company promoted him and then ran things from afar. He lost everything. But, again, somehow, was never brought up on charges. Strange people in a dark room with weird hats whispered about “destiny” but Eric never actually heard them. He did actually, in a dream, but he is still sure it means nothing.

After that entire fiasco, he was homeless, surviving just barely for a little while. Eventually he adapted and was used to it. The occasional ambush by other bums who saw him as weak, taught Eric to be paranoid, and prepared.

One night he was taken in by the Aryan Brotherhood, in a shallow attempt to prove they weren’t total bastards. They almost fooled Eric, right up to the point they asked Eric to kill his fellow man. At this point, Eric stabbed 2 guys, used one as a shield as another tried to shoot him. One bloody brawl and stolen car later, along with a lot of dirty money, Eric was on the run from the Aryan Brotherhood, an organization a lot bigger than most people think, but still short sighted enough to not really be any sort of threat.

Anyway, Eric’s good fortune still wasn’t all that great. He was able to launder enough of the money to buy a building that was totally abandoned. He hired a few people to fix it up. It is habitable, but most people would still be rather uncomfortable in warehouse.

Eric found a newspaper lodged against the door, and saw the hiring advertisement for Furious Angels Incorporated. Seeing as he still didn’t have a proper job, he decided he’d go and try to get one at FAI.

Theme song: High Roller Mojo by Blue Stahli

Since Joining Furious Angels

Eric Burnheart

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