Archibald Reginald Fawkners

Dr. Fishnets or how I learned to stop worrying and love revenge.


Born in the warming days of spring, the only child of two optimists. They came from large families, if not for the fact that both blood lines had a habit of dying in hiking, industrial, automotive, and dental accidents they would have had a claim to a full 2% of the world population. It would be called a charmed life, if not for nearly every weekend being spent at a funeral for a Family Member or two. in high school the blood line had thinned enough that people were only dieing in state at about a rate of three or four a year so a social Life could grow; he went to any dance he could convince a girl to go to, did a bit of wrestling because it seemed like a safe sport, but his true talent was all things medical. He was accepted to the University of Utah with a full scholarship and was put through courses at an accelerated rate. There he met the the woman Joan Stone, a theater major wanting to become a costumer, they dated for a little over a year and as is the tradition in Utah, with young couples, they were engaged to be married, one month after Archie’s graduation. That is when the final tragedy began; the remaining family members had gathered to visit the family burial area in the Salt Lake City cemetery, when a limousine sped through the intersection trying to turn on a dime turning what was left of the Fawkner clan into hamburger, ripping dear Joan away leaving her hand in Archibald’s less than a foot away from bare meat, gristle and bone, bumper grazing his leg breaking the bone, and twisting the knee completely round. The pain and loss left him in a delirium so when the man in the back seat of the limo stepped out and stood in front of the last Fawkner a figure of privilege, power and greed, throwing money down with the simple word; “forget”.
Archibald spent months in hospital recovering a fugue state had over taken him, and his past become shadows of a life he never lived. Friends acted in in good faith and moved him into the basement. and took almost every trace of his old life into the surface, one by one they left from the guilt over what they had done. Archibald was left with a empty basement a strange mixture of men’s and women’s clothing, in an empty apartment, and a job at a hospital. He began a new life, that he thought was his old; Executive Transvestite Surgeon. It was a quiet life though he would have time disappear from him, where he would clean the up stairs it remained largely uneventful.
6 years passed the wardrobe expanded clothes fit better, and the cane became a third leg. He was a seen a an genius eccentric with knife and diagnosis, so him showing up from time to time in the most outlandish of outfits was never thought out of place, co-workers thought him more a patient than a doctor, but he made people healthy so they kept him. One day ended this life, when a man Large with greed and influence was flown in from Las Vegas, he was only there because he forgot to take his pills in a regular fashion, any doctor could see that this was a easily preventable surgery, and if it had been any other doctor any other patient at any other time all would have been fine, but it was this surgeon, who remembered how it began, but could not yet hate. Archibald slipped his wrist watch off, set the alarm for the mans pills, and wrapped it around the man’s heart, he would never forget. He would never forget. He would never forget. the surgery went smooth after that. Archibald dressed up in his wife’s favorite Tu-tu and corset, and went to check up on his so profound patient to talk to him about remembering his pills. The alarm went off, as Archibald stepped through the door, body guards panicked, and pulled guns, Archibald 3 scalpels he had kept in his coat pocket through the first body guard’s neck, the second he clocked with a bed pan, and ran, hard and fast, with knew knowledge of what had to be done, as hate filled his soul.
Weeks passed, the once promising eccentric became a back ally surgeon dealing with the paranoid, and the broken doing what needed to be done in the eyes of those who may not be seeing the same reality as they live in. A news paper found it’s way into his small surgery and waiting room, with one advertisement that enticed him, Furious Angels Promised Revenge, and a healer would now pay any cost to see a rich man pay for the lives of his family, for the life of his love, and for both of the lives Archibald had lived and had stolen from him.

Theme song: Murder by Within Temptation.

Archibald Reginald Fawkners

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