Furious Angels Inc.

The Story So Far

The Furious Angels stared hiring, and immediately got thrown in the deep end. The Day of the first round of interviews, the small unsuspecting office came under attack. But Furious Angels were prepared, and handled it well.

But the Furious Angels more or less took it personally. They where able to identify the thugs, and found their connection to the Sureno gang. So naturally, wanting to know more, they sent their bold new hires to kidnap a known lieutenant. Which they did, with great enthusiasm.

Through their interrogation they learned about some other plans of the Sureno’s; they where planning to kidnap an heiress.

About this same time, the mother of a bride to be wanted help to get her daughter out of this wedding. Interestingly, it was a political marriage between MS-13 and the Sureno gangs. Furious Angels sent in two agents to get the bride, and spread a little bad-will. They got the bride, and poisoned the punch (Which went on to kill 27 people at two separate block parties).

The Furious Angels (through some sideways dealings) got hired as body guards for this heiress’s party. They did their job very well. One agent (Eric Burnheart) maybe got a little hardcore on a few Aryan Brotherhood bastards, but hey, he has his reasons. Three dead Aryan brotherhood, and a shot up parking garage later, they got away, and got the Heiress to safety.

Determined to cause even more trouble with various gangs, they set about a heist, to steal nearly 20 metric tons of drugs (That is a lot of drugs. Like, too many.). The heist went smoothly, except for a determined security guard named Hans, who had been knocked out, but didn’t end up raising any alarms. One run over fence, and truck loaded later, he confronted the Furious Angel’s team and attempted to stop them leaving with the truck. Good thing to door was locked. Things go less well later on though, when the truck being driven by Eric Burnheart instead of being parked outside a warehouse of a known gang leader, crashed into it.



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