Furious Angels Inc.

The Furious Day Off


Seeing as how insanely busy July 29th was, the Furious Angels got to sleep restfully that night. No worries about being up on time to get to work, just pure lovely sleep.

Sally dreamed of being in the desert. She “woke up” with a shovel in her hand, a half dug desert grave, and a body bag, containing The Good Doctor. Close examination revealed no obvious wounds, and no obvious signs of poison. Well, except the scorpion crawling out of the doctors mouth. The buzzards are circling. Deciding the obvious seclusion is as good as a deep grave, she takes the scorpion out of the body bag, and moves the body into the hole and throws a shovel full of dirt on the body.
And wakes up at night. One foot buried in the grave. The scorpion acting like a halo for Sally. She gets her foot out of the grave, picks up the scorpion, and sees a light on the mountain. He scorpion sits on her head, and grips her hair, as Sally runs freely, each stride 50 feet long, the altered time sense making up for how fast the distance is actually being covered. Eventually the light comes to Sally. And Sally feels…something. The light is friendly, and kind, and is telling Sally (in bizarre flashes of images) that she is powerful, and has so much more potential than she embraces. Sally gets the daunting feeling that they want to “upgrade” her. Which is always a scary thought. (What if we don’t want to be upgraded?) Sally floats into the light and, upon waking can’t remember what happened after that. It’s like the things that exist in that piece of the dream, can’t (or don’t) exist in this reality.

Sally’s next dream that night, involves an air conditioned nightmare of a motel. The strange beach party from hell is happening in the pool outside. She leaves the Air Conditioned motel room in hopes to escape. But headless “beach boys” block her path in the parking lot. Which, is in the desert she was in before. She recognizes the mountains. But there is clearly no place to go. The VW Vanagon’s painted in “surfer chic” clearly have no place to go. The Scorpion wanders in from the desert; a friendly entity in hell motel. But all the parting stops. The façade is frozen, like someone forgot to put it on loop. They are still, and lifeless.
And a giggle. Sally asks, “Do you want to come out?” “nooooooo” said the giggly voice. And Sally finds the room it’s coming from, on the second floor. Opening the door, looking down, into an empty room about 300 feet below. and 300 feet above, “the clown maker” making unwilling clowns. Sally climbs up, then down as the perspective shifts, and it becomes very obvious the forced clowns are the raised dead. Having none of this, Sally manifests a Barrett M82 a gun designed for use against military equipment, a gun that kills tanks often as not, and shoots the clown maker. Who teleports (a little too late) and is missing a good part of his torso. The clown maker is screaming in pain, but it is also laughter. Sally slams the butt of the gun into the clown maker, and…beheads him. His head falls “up” and he laughs and screams. The headless body tries a hilarious “oh where did my head go” thing, but Sally kicks the torso, and the bodies mass times about a thousand, sprays through the neck stump. and it collapses in on itself. The head of the Clown Maker is laughing, but he’s sad. Sally doesn’t take any shit from her subconscious.

Eric dreams of being on top of a 90 story building in Salt Lake City (hey, it’s a dream.) He notices a weird bracer he has on, that goes into the skin, and, into the bone (he just knows this.) The wind picks up and blows him off the building. And he skydives around it. And focuses his will enough to stop. He tries to fly, but that doesn’t work, so he slowly (gently) falls to the ground and hits the concrete very softly. The city is empty of people. And the reason for that… The city eats people. The large building that Eric fell off, is alive. and trying to get him. He raises his braced arm, to block this huge building, and discovers, it has a grappling hook, which shoots out, latches on to another building and pulls him along, out of danger. He spends time acting like spider-man, until the building tries to kill him again. He latches on to it, and the building starts eating the cable, Eric decides to punch a building. And does so. Very well. Very hard. The building explodes like a hotdog in a microwave. Meaty building pieces rain down upon the downtown area. Eric is straight up flying at this point. He does victory aerobatics.
Next dream, Eric is riding at rain through a glowing red tunnel. He climbs along the train and discovers it mostly empty, except mostly for the tanker cars. Cheetos breath, Doritos breath, mountain dew, liquified donuts, (he gets donuts poisoning and for the rest of the dream can only smell donuts). The train slows down, and eventually stops. Eric investigates, and sees Arch in the train, wearing a very, floral night gown. Arch mumbles something, Eric tries to slap sense into Arch, and…fails. He eventually gets the train started and it sounds like a vacuum cleaning for some reason.

Archibald Reginald Fawkners had a dream involving the president. Definitely the president, and Arch definitely has a gun. But Also there is another one of him. He looks very secret service. And it is really weird to look at yourself with your own eyes. Then the president turns into the pope. And Archies turn into Swiss guards. With Halberds. A lanky dark teenager walks towards the Pope with a knife. He dodges the prod of the halberds. “Do you mind?! I’m trying to kill the Pope!” Archie moves to flank, and cuts off the assassin’s knife hand. He sulks, and starts walking away. And gets Hamstrung. and falls and turns into a weird goo. That the pope throws a vial of holy water at, and it explodes. But then the pope turns into Prosper. Well, Archie knows what to do with that. Archie turns into an inspector gadget type cyborg. And grinds up prosper, and paints a eulogy, to prosper. That then runs and gets away down the drain.
Archie wakes up and then tries to go to sleep again. He dreams of not being able to sleep. But he also dreams of cleaning the upstairs of his house. He experiences being a vacuum cleaner, as well as what it is like to be pinesol. Being pinesol isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. He wakes up the next morning, smelling like pinesol.

A Day Off

Sally, inspired by her dream, after getting ready for her day (steel cut oatmeal with flax-seeds, and morning training) sets about buying a scorpion. The scorpion is named Cecily.

Arch wakes up, and wakes up Eric. Eric is in pain, so he gets some lovely pain killers. The doctor makes his standard commercial breakfast, and makes one for Eric. Eric and the doctor demolish the commercial breakfast with great enthusiasm. The Doctor goes to resupply his surgery, and Eric decides to steal a vehicle. He takes the keys off a woman. As well as, well, everything she had. (Critical success on pick pocketing) – she didn’t notice until the breeze picked up. Eric also got $500 in a chewed up envelope that had the words “Blackmail money” on it. He went and got coffee and donuts, and went to see The Expendables 2.

Sally gets approached by meth-head missionaries. They really want to talk about how awesome god is and they say things like, “I’m not a sinner, I’ve got no problems with god” – Sally tries to scare them off. But they are strung out, so they don’t care. They keep talking. So Sally launches into a tirade, about cleansing fire, and being purified, getting a blank slate – “I’m neither in Gods nor the devils domain. I am powerful in my own right, because I have been touched by a power greater than your god.” This, is pretty extreme so they back away and leave the train promptly.

Eric is approached by Mormonaries. “Have you heard the good news?” they ask.
“It’s free pancake day at IHOP?” asks Eric. The missionaries laugh and say no, and Eric tells them he really isn’t interested. He tries to run away, and, falls down. The missionaries pick him up, and start talking to him. Eric is embarrassed, and listens for a minute. But then he says he isn’t interested again, and… moon walks away, at great speed. Around the corner, and into legend.

Jehovah’s witnesses show up at Archie’s house. So he threatens them with a bone-saw, and they leave.

Sally’s apartment is open when she gets there. And she is attacked by an idiot; black turtle neck, black pants, knife from the knife block. He hits sally in the arm. She sets down her new pet calmly (but quickly) pulls out the switchblade she carries, and as the guy lunges to…dodge. Lot of good it did him, because he practically sliced his own jugular, on Sally’s knife. Or Sally slices his jugular. It’s a little confusing. There is a lot of blood, everywhere and the guy is dead; no ID, no identifying marks of any kind, nothing. Sally calls victor (very cross) and wants to know what to do about the body. Victor says he’ll be over, and explains they have a few bodies than need disposing, of, and that this guy really was shit, and isn’t anyone he recognizes. No tattoos even, so clearly not a gangster type. Sally ponders if this is a “love note” which baffles victor a little bit. But he smiles after he decides that Sally is going to get new carpet and they can get rid of the body (or at least, get it out of the apartment building) by hiding it in the carpet. Sally, is… as happy as she gets, that victor has provided solutions and sees something she relates to in Victor; she won’t be writing strongly worded letters about her skills being used to guard cleaning supplies. In future such letters will be directed at Sandra. Sally gives him a dark chocolate truffle, which Victor thanks her for, unwraps, and eats it right then and there, which moves sally as a very trusting thing to. This strengthens her like (we guess) for Victor. Victor makes a phone call, and lets sally know that she’ll have the body and new carpet before sun down. The laborers show up, are very respectful, wrap up the body, and replace the carpet in her living room.

Eric gets shot at on the street (bloody gangsters) and dodges elegantly behind a car, duel wielding “The birds” with great authority. The blue 1993 crown Victoria drives away, quickly, knowing they’ve been seen. Eric, being ethical, decides to take the truck he stole earlier, back to around where he found it. on his way he hears about, oh, 1,850 rounds of ammunition, explode. In traffic. A head of him. Blue crown Victoria. Eric stops, does a victory “YES!” and then continues on his way. Taking the train/bus back to his warehouse, where the smell is actually quite distressing (oh right, that has been sitting around for…a little bit. oh, and a breaker was flipped. So, there goes the neighborhood. Eric cleans out the refrigerator, and thinks about buying a new refrigerator.

The good doctor organizes his “payments” in his shed and garage. And decides, he needs a wood chipper. He finds a place to buy one, and it will be delivered the next day. (Score!)

Meanwhile, Nick Robusto is being nursed back to health by a “very ethical” nurse. He doesn’t dream much, and doesn’t do much, because starving for a week and only eating ice cream afterwards, and being shot, kind of does that to you.

Fox explores the underground a little more, and establishes that the tunnels go quite a ways. To the University of Utah, the Salt Lake City Library, and subsequently the construction site of the new public services building, as well as the City County Building, The Matheson court house…. to name just a few.



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