Furious Angels Inc.

The Deliverance of Nick Robusto

Kidnapping, Bunnymen, Human Hides, and Arson.

Automotive Theft

About a week or two ago, the day after the Grand America party and bodyguard mission, Nick Robusto went missing.

He woke up the next day and found that his beloved car had been stolen. Practical as ever, he took out his iPhone, and looked up where his car was. He found it was parked in the Maverick Center parking lot. So he got on a bike, and rode to there. He was going to be late, but he was confident he’d get to work anyway.

He noticed a white van, following him, basically from the get go. But single minded in his purpose, he got to his car, and justifiably paranoid, decided to check his car for explosives.
While he was doing that, the van pulled up, and grabbed him. Two sets of fuzzy fury arms (Pink and Blue) grabbed him, and started dragging him away. He managed to get a name before they threw him in the van (he hurt his left leg on the way in). The name was Jim Weston Ford. Then they ground his face into the floor, and injected him with some stuff, and he went to sleep for a while.

Hell Is Being Trapped in a Crappy Bathroom. Also Bunnymen.

He then woke up in Grantsville. Near “Tool-ee.” They locked him in a sub basement bathroom (with cracking tiles, a blocked window, rust spots, or blood, Nick can’t really tell. He is still tied up, but he is determined. He decides to try to knock over the sink. He gets it wobbling, but doesn’t do anything. The Bunnymen came in, held him down, and injected him with a sedative, again. Nick spasm’s, and ends up breaking his right foot on the tub.

But being ever present, he woke up an hour later. And started trying to knock over the sink again. The Bunnymen seriously considered tripling the dose. But one of the smarter ones decided against it, knowing that overdose is a thing that can happen.

After a few days, he gets the ropes off himself, but still is trapped. He has maintained hydration from drinking from the sink.

He does overhear arguing with “The Big man” about how they kidnapped the wrong “Nick Robusto.” They also ordered pizza, and gave Nick a slice that was cold the next day. Pissed off by his circumstances, he decides that maybe he can flood the room.

The Calvary Arrives

After about a week, Nick gets the door open, quietly. No one is standing outside. He makes a run for it. Which does end up making a lot of noise. And the bunnymen are fast. He brawls with a pink bunnyman on the stairs.

Fortunately about this time, Furious Angels has figured out something is wrong (it’s been a long week. Priorities got all weird for a bit.) and have sent Arch, Eric, Fox, and Sally to rescue Nick. They start their assault on the Grantsville house.

Fox kicks in the door. Eric and Sally go down the stairs, Fox goes to the upper floor. Arch stays by the car. Eric and Sally are confronted by a Bunnyman wearing a Nazi SS uniform. (No, Eric wasn’t seeing things, because Sally saw it too.) And they opened fire on him. A 2nd Nazi Bunnyman enters the room, so Eric drops his M4A1, and pulls out his USP Tacticle, and (almost) takes the nazi bunnyman hostage. Practical as ever, Sally shoots the bunnyman quite neatly. And Eric picks up his M4 again.

Arch, hearing gun fire and getting a little bored, takes a blind-shot through a window. And hits the 2nd bunnyman in the same room as Eric and Sally. He shoots its arm, right off. (shotgun slugs are mean.) That one exited the fight, due do excessive bleeding. Seeing this happen, Eric and Sally finish off the last bunnyman, and Sally decides to be humane and put the bunnyman with no arm, out of it’s misery.

Fox attacks a the Blue Bunnyman in the kitchen. Hitting him with the butt of the MP5, and a little brawling, then backing up later, as The bunnyman grabs the knife block to throw at Fox, Fox guns it down. And then a Nazi Bunnyman comes out from a room behind him. And he turns and attacks that one, gunning it down nicely. That one got shot in the groin area, 3 times. And a few times in the chest. And in limbs.

Arch has a Nazi Bunnyman sneaking up on him, so he readies his action. And shoots that fool, and kills him. And repaints their white van.

Meanwhile, Nick gets away and runs up the stairs, being pursed by the pink Bunnyman, and a Nazi Bunnyman. Sally and Eric are in that hall, and yell at him to get down. So he does. and tries to trip the bunnymen. And doesn’t succeed at that. Eric opens up on the Pink bunnyman, and gets a headshot, and a few others. but first, was a headshot. then the rest… which, killed the fuck out of the pink bunnyman. Sally opens up on the Nazi one, and also kills the fuck out of that one.

Fox searches the bodies upstairs, finds two wallets on the bunnymen, Nick’s wallet and phone. $50, one ID, and a subway gift card in the two wallets from the bunnymen.

Sally, Eric and Nick are attacked by two more bunnymen. A yellow one, and another Nazi. With baseball bats. The Yellow one attacks Eric. He parries with his gun, cracking the fore-grip. He tries to fire, but is attacked again, and has his hand crippled. Sally narrowly misses being attacked, and opens up on the bunnyman, and kills him. Eric drops his m4a1 again, pulls out the USP Tactical and shoots the thing three times.


Then Eric gets a phone call from Victor. Eric is upset with his hand. And is kicking the shit out of the yellow one. Even though it is already dead. Sally wants to set fire to everything, and Victor gives the go ahead. A search of the sub basement reveals human skins. more searching results in them finding acetone, and gasoline, and break the gas lines as well. Arch diagnoses Eric and Nick, and administers a sedative (again!) to Nick. He bandages up Eric’s hand and they all leave, as Sally sets light to the house.



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