Furious Angels Inc.

Meet The Founders

Closest Compatible Companions

As The Team Sleeps…

They dream. Well, not really. They travel. Far, far away, long, long ago. To Detroit, in 2006. The entire team is there. Eric assimilates and copes with what is happening first; he is not in his body. He is sharing the driving seat with Ivan Fury. The original founder of Furious Angels Investigations, which then turned into, Furious Angels Incorporated. The Boss. Eric decides to check out his trench coat and the gear he has on him. He finds a spirit long sword, which he steps outside to draw and take a look at; a glowing blue blade.

Next person to assimilate and cope with what is happening, is Archibald who is just another voice, another impulse, another thought, if a bit more solid in their intentions and tenacity, and convictions, in the head of Roland St. Jude. He is tinkering with his Foaming Lycan Suppression Device. The doctor offers some insight on how to increase the range some.

Next is Nick in the mind of telecom owner Seth Clark, who is in the process of accessing the surveillance system of the base they are planning on infiltrating. The Intern, as far as Roland is concerned. Seth was told to expect this sort of thing.

Next is Sally in the mind of Gabriel Finlay. This one doesn’t go so well. Gabriel is smoking, and starts coughing. He gains control again, and keeps smoking, and Sally keeps reading the surgeon generals warning to him. He keeps smoking.
Sally: “This will kill you some day”
Gabriel: “I’ve inhaled worse. You should meet my brother.”
There is a little bit more of a power struggle, of sorts. Gabriel coughs again and swears and moves outside next to the Van’s mirror. And It is a face Sally recognizes. Except, not. It’s, harder, more disciplined, focused; a soldiers face. A hardened face, that might have been Valentina’s Graham, if Gabriel wasn’t as, in control.

Next, Fox finds himself in another body, Quantum Leap style. Except, they are still there as well. The body is some what familiar to him. He figures out a way to look at his reflection, and confirms his suspicions. He is with Victor Sanders. He almost immediately starts working on sending Victor a subliminal message to increase his pay, and give him some chocolate Eclairs. Victor was also expecting this sort of thing.
“We were expecting help, I just didn’t think it would come like this.”

Seth gains access to the video feeds, as well as a ton of data about the temperature, humidity, and all the like. He sees cages, glass holding cells, dark hallways, and a Surgery theater. He does this through turning the temperature up and down really fast, tripping a sensor, which somehow opened up the camera feed to his access. Nick is, disappointed in this security. Seth, is amazed that anything so badly designed would ever be used.

In the surgical theater, an operation is underway. The cages are thick boxes, with air-holes and not much else. What is inside, must be really scary. The glass holding cells hold, A squirrel, a bear, a giant white rabbit, and an androgynous humanoid with extremely intelligent eyes.. The empty hallways have something off. Seth tweaks the contrast, and can make out ghostly outlines formed from the noise in the image. Everyone crowds around.

Recon done, they decide to try to gain access to the underground lab. The bottom floor is completely overgrown, effectively closing off the entry options there. Gabriel climbs up to the fire escape and, drops it down for everyone to climb up. It hits Ivan/Eric and knocks him down. He isn’t badly injured though, he gets up, and climbs up. Doctor Roland, Seth/Nick, and Victor/Fox climb up. They investigate the 2nd floor. Though Ivan autopilots towards the roof. Old habits die hard.

Finding nothing of interest on the 2nd floor, they try to get to the 2nd floor. Roland jumps, trying to collapse the floor (again, old habits…). He doesn’t make a dent. Victor jumped, and made it through. Eric got his leg stuck. Everyone else had a little more sense, and found the stairs. Eric got unstuck and took the stairs. They found an elevator.

They open the doors, and see that it goes quite a ways down. About a 5 minute climb. They climb down, and get on top of the elevator. They climb in, and it is a pretty snug fit. There is only one button. Which Fox presses.

And the elevator rockets up. Fox and The Doctor end up on the bottom of the pile.

Retry: everyoen climbs down. Gabriel uses a little detcord to open the elevator door. A loud bang, and it was neatly open. Everyone climbs into the open elevator door, and stares down the fall.

Those gifted with the sight of magic, see the phantom guards. Victor and Gabriel sense danger, and stand ready. Seth pulls out an amplifier, and antenna array, and starts messing with them. Roland creates a salt barrier, and Ivan draws his Spirit Long Sword.

The fight goes well. Victor and Gabriel do feel a bit, useless, but understand this is the sort of thing that the Founders are good at. Ivan focuses, and Roland chants something, to hold the phantoms closer to this reality, so more damage can be done to them.

The phantoms are vanquished. Seth links back up with the van and scouts out the situation. The cages have been opened; monstrous humanoid hybrids, more animal, but still recognizably human. Some remember what was done to them, and their rage is apparent in their eyes. The staff have locked one half of the doors. The surgery is still in progress.

The battle that ensues is essentially a massive slaughter. A few of the monsters huddle in a corner and leave the team alone. The staff are killed quickly.

The glass cells, have, the strange inspiration for all of this experimentation. An Androgynous humanoid, with intelligent eyes. A giant white rabbit, that greets the team, like he’s been waiting for them. He also claims, to be the “laughter in the woods.” The Bear, also with intelligent eyes. And a squirrel wearing a crown. He looks at Roland, and takes off the crown, and he is in Roland’s mind. Showing his appalling power. An immortal mind-controlling squirrel, that is tired of riding around in other things minds, and wants some peace and quiet. And also to hide from something that this terrifying little creature, is scared of. The team frees them all, and all but the giant white rabbit accompany the furious angels back to the van.

The team searches the place. They loot the hard-drives, and one interesting technology; nanobots. During the placing of the last charges to level the place, and during the mop up, Ivan gets attacked by something big and nasty with claws. He loses a lot of blood. The Future team has seen these before, and knows how to use them. Ivan gets injected with Nano’s, and the bleeding stops quickly.

The final run of placing the charges, the main elevator dings. And a heavily armored man steps out. Ivan, Gabriel, and Seth open fire. And, don’t do too much. He does a wide sweep with his SMG, and shoots Gabriel. Ivan has his Kukri in his hand and swings at the back of his neck; and the armored man is knocked out, and bleeding bad. Eric has had a bad day, and isn’t feeling merciful, so he blows the poor bastards head off with a shotgun.

Everyone gets in the van, and then is torn from the minds and thrown back into their own bodies, waking up the next morning…



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