Furious Angels Inc.

Hostages, Car Pools, Body Disposal, and Emergency Surgery

The Morning’s events.

Nick wakes up with an IV in his arm. He has been recovering from being shot, and starving, and all that jazz. The very ethical nurse, Daryl Thurman Stanfield, has taken a page from The Moderately Alright Doctor’s book, and has left a note with instructions for Nick. He eats something, and realizes his car is still at the office, and starts walking to the office. It’s a very long walk.. Fortunately, Victor shows up in Nick’s car, and gives him a ride.

Eric wakes up, and decides to be moral, and takes the bus to work.

While Arch is eating breakfast, he notices two men being very obvious about looking into his house. He is able to sneak up on them, and gets them to surrender their wallets, and everything in their pockets. Arch has his flare gun loaded with a dragons breath shotgun round. Which he shoots into the air. Which causes one to have a rush of common sense and runs like hell. The other gets taken captive by Arch. Tied up and strapped to the surgery table. He finishes his morning routine, gets dressed, and is about to leave when Victor pulls up and gives him a ride.

Sally sees another black crown vic, and hides. And Victor rolls up and gives her a ride as well.

Victor shows up about the same time as Eric, who makes a snide remark involving soccer moms. Sally glares at him.

Body Disposal

The body count from the warehouse job, (3) and the one guy from Sally’s apartment (1), and one stolen truck, need to be disposed of. The team decides that a combination of thermite, and C4 is the best way to go. They drive the truck and its content, as well as the company car, to a back road , not nearly as far as one would expect.
Archibald visualizes the ignition system and wiring and explosives placement, and successfully gets it all wired up. Actually, quite a bit more than is probably necessary. (33 pounds of C4 – every member walked out of the Armory carrying some).
Eric gets the honors of pressing the buttons. First the Thermite.
Nothing appears to happens. Eric, very reasonably, doesn’t want to get close to the truck at all. The team starts arguing and doesn’t notice that there is thermite dripping onto the ground at this point. Eric is the first to notice, and is very excited that it did in fact work. The rest of the team retreats further back, to where the company car is parked.
Eric is standing a bit closer. He presses the button, and, promptly blows himself up. The explosion knocks nearly everyone off their feet, and Eric takes serious damage from the explosion, then there is the shrapnel. Eric is, dead. He has a near death experience, and talks to an “angel” who is infuriatingly vague and won’t answer any of Eric’s very reasonable question. The angel tells Eric, “you are going to be needed for something big.”
Eric wakes up in the back of the company car, screaming about angels, as the Doctor stabilizes him and Nick Robusto drives like a bat out of hell to get away from the scene of the explosion. Which is not exactly necessary; the cops and emergency departments are so busy with the gang war, it takes them a little over nine hours to respond to the scene. It would seem, there are more important things happening than trucks exploding.

Emergency Surgery

It would seem lady luck was smiling on Eric that day; the hostage the doctor took in the morning, was still there, and was the same blood type as Eric. They suspend the hostage from the ceiling, and hook him up to Eric. Sally and Nick assist with the surgery. Sally calls Victor and lets him know what is happening. The surgery goes well; all the shrapnel is removed and Eric is stable. Sally tries to shave off Eric’s eyebrow, but even under anesthesia, Eric is aware of this, and manages to move his head enough to avoid this.
Victor finally shows up with a polished metal cylinder. It looks like a thermos. Except that it has frost on it, and has fog billowing off it. Victor explains they are nanites, and will help the healing process for Eric. “These are very expensive. Please don’t take these for granted. We need to order more.”

As soon as they are introduced into his system, his wounds close and heal. it is a site to behold. It happens fast enough to be barely perceivable; like the rotation of the earth and the shadows moving.
An interesting things happens; the metal plate in Eric’s left hand, becomes seamlessly fused to his own skin. It is a living part of him now. It is no longer cold. He has sensation in it as well. It’s kind of creepy when you think about it.



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