Furious Angels Inc.

Dispersal and Conclusion of Clean Living

Aggressive Actions

A little break

Nick Robusto was dropped off at his home. Drugged. He stayed on his porch for about 2 hours. He woke up and was paranoid, because he had been drugged so frequently in the past week, he was having trouble remembering his rescue. Again, being paranoid, naturally he commenced checking for traps. After establishing none of the doors were booby-trapped, he continued to check all his light bulbs, his furnace, and basically everything he could think of. He found one light bulb was burned out (he already knew that though.) He then went to find his car. He found it was at an impound lot, which he attempted to enter, sneakily. But failed. He decided the front gate was prudent. He talked to the impound lot manager and talked him down from $300, to $145, and got a free pint of ice cream from Baskin Robins, after driving down the street like a foo he got pulled over, and let go, went to Baskin Robins Ordered the pistachio ice cream, and ate all of it.

Sally Goode was dropped at home to change her clothing. And burn her old clothes. It would seem, in her mind, they are far beyond salvaging. and headed back to the office.

Eric Burnheart and Archibald Fawkners went back to Archie’s surgery. The surgery was a success; Eric even got “improved.” – a chunk of fairly flexible plate metal in his hand (+5 DR to left hand). Arch left Eric strapped to the table with a note on the ceiling: “If hungry, sandwich in fridge.” He left to reconvene at the office. Before leaving, Eric comes to briefly, and mumbles, “I don’t want to be the tea pot” and passes out immediately.

Fox lives at the office. He planted sunflowers, and then went on a walk around the neighborhood.

On the way back to the office…

Sally is being followed, again. And goes up a tree. Again. And Fox sees this. He goes and asks if she is OK. She is stony silent, and climbs higher in the tree. Sally’s stalkers confront Fox. And Fox acts, or, is, drunk. And bluffs his way away. And almost gets shot when he makes a grand gesture for his flask.

Sally figures she can make it to the next tree, and normally, probably could… But she slips up. An angel must have grabbed her leg or something, because she managed to stay in the tree, instead of falling the full 30 (or so) feet to the unforgiving ground. A few cracked ribs, and some fair amount of pain (but she soldiers on and doesn’t ask for medical assistance. Fox offers her gin. But Sally doesn’t take food, drink, medication, or poisons from strangers.

Fox critically disses one of the mysterious black-crown-vic-with-limo-tinting guys, with, “Farking donuts” …they go away. and cry. For like 8 hours. Bad childhood. Very bad childhood. He and Sally walk to the office together, mostly in silence. Fox notices, “Prosper City” scrawled on the wall. And finds “Prosper” to be a familiar name of some sort… Sally sees “Devil in disguise” which gives her the troublesome thought, maybe the devil looks different than what we all think. Would you know the devil if you saw him? Probably not. He’s sneaky.

Arch calls a cab, without bothering to change out of his surgical scrubs (not THAT much blood. just a bloody hand print or two.) They discuss many things. And Arch sees a sticker, that asks, “Who are you?” – So Arch tells the cabby who he is, exactly. “Good for you Squire!” And they engage in some interesting conversations.

Nick decides to head out (after eating the whole pint). He notices “Dontbombme.com” sprayed on a billboard. What a catchy URL!

Clean living conclusion

Once everyone is at the office Victor brings everyone up to speed. Tanya Romero (the photographer that Fox worked with) and Sandra took a few nights. Together. Apparently the resulting photos where quite a sight to behold. Arch notices Sally in pain, and diagnoses (from a distance) and slips a sealed bottle of painkillers into her picnic basket.

The same thing happens as before: night workers show up, they finish work, they leave. About midnight is when stuff starts happening.
Sally sees a gold Nissan Maxima (A car matching a description given by one of the night workers) drives by.
A strange noise is investigated, and the entry point is found; it is the adjoining warehouse. But that warehouse is empty. Investigation leads to Nick finding that the thieves have been entering the hallway, and then climbing up into the ceiling, dropping in through a bathroom, and bypassing code locks that way. Fox sees the gold Nissan Maxima in the parking lot on the other side. A truck pulls up and stops. Then backs up, and the driver gets out. Archibald, that marvelous medical man, shoots that guy. Then puts him out of his misery. Sally shoots out the tires on the truck. Nick climbs up into the ceiling, drops into the bathroom, and tries sneaking up on the two guys who are heisting the caustic soda. Fox goes the “sane” way and hits the first few keys of the keypad. And has one of the guys open fire on him. He isn’t hit though, and takes cover behind the wall, as the windows and door get shot to shit. He opens fire, and takes out one guy. Nick is able to sneak up on the guy wheeling the chemicals away (who at this point is now taking cover behind the barrel) – the guy sees him coming, and shoots him. Fortunately he is wearing body armor. Angels, man, seriously… Unfortunately, he is armed only with a taser, and his lunge at this guy, fails, and he tases himself. Again. Nick Robusto will not willingly pick up a taser from this point onward.
Fox takes this last guy down, and that is that. All threats eliminated.

Meanwhile…Eric wakes up, is hungry and in pain. He escapes, and gets that sandwich the note talks about.

Now, about all that blood…

Arch disinfects, pulls out the bullet, disinfects again, patches up Nick. And drugs him…again!
Fox drops everyone at their homes. Except Nick. Nick is staying the night at the office. Fox carries him tenderly across the threshold, and unceremoniously drops him on the conference room table. Eric is curled up on the kitchen table at Reg’s.

Victor and Sandra show up at the warehouse, with body bags, a mop, and a wet-dry vac. They sweep up the glass, and bullets, mop up the blood. A few hours later, a two guys show up, slap a fresh coat of paint on the wall, after replacing the door, the lock, the window, and even going as far as replacing the stickers on the door. Victor and Sandra spruce up the office; moving posters to cover two or three bullet holes in the dividing cubicle. A tow truck shows up and tows the shot up truck apart.

Victor leaves a note in the managers office: “Your problem is taken care of. Sorry if we missed anything.” as well as a bill, and a reminder to send a notarized document saying that “Furious Angel’s Inc.” gets a discount.

In fact, they did miss a few things. A few punctured aerosol cans, mostly. Man, “tango mango” smells good, but in that high of concentrations, it starts making people light headed. The sale samples also got a few slugs buried in them.

Everyone sleeps the sleep of people who had a REALLY long day. Good thing they have the next day off…



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