Furious Angels Inc.

Clean Living, Over Par, and Dreams.

When Angel’s Dream…

Archibald dreamt of a wedding, between Calvin Prosper and Alice Harvey, with the crowd blindfolded, himself wearing a hideous brides maids dress; green and pink of some sort, and a moment of time to do whatever he wanted. So naturally he beheaded Prosper with a chair, pissed in the neck-hole of the severed head, and smashed the head into the ground with a handy marble pillar. The dream ends.

Fox dreamt about the Furious Angel’s offices on fire. He was in a luxuriously furnished version of his own room, with his glorious booze cabinet. he put the fire out with an infinite bucket of melted ice water, went to the lobby to investigate the cause, found Alice with a gas can and matches. She was unwilling to answer questions, so Fox decided to try to seduce the answers out of her. Back to his room, and a Bloody Mary later, all she would say was, “It was necessary.” The dream ends.

Eric dreamt about driving the company 2012 Chevy Impala really fast in the desert. He flew, briefly. But also flipped the car…again. But he did come to rest lightly and under no harm. Except that the car was off. And started smoking when he turned it on. His investigation into what was wrong with the car revealed that, under the hood, was darkness. Purest, blackest, darkness. The car ran on god damn darkness (roll to shit pants; failed…in dream. IRL, well….). He hears a distant car, and checks the trunk of the Impala to find a double barrel shotgun, beautiful carved and etched with symbols that can only be described as “holy” as well as a box of ammo. He loads up, and waits. and waits. And kind of looses his mind as far as the direction the car is coming from. Finally it shows up, and he gets a ride from a nice old man with no particular destination in mind. He says, “when I get there, I’ll know.” – Eric checks the ammo just because, feelings, and finds one shell etched with a cross, and the other an inverted pentacle. The car starts slowing, to avoid a fox in the road. They stop, and the fox turns into a man, who is coming at the car. Eric rolls down the window, and shoots the man with the right barrel (blessed ammo). And the man just looks…disappointed. The dream ends.

Sally dreamt of heaven. At least, heaven for such as her. She finds herself laying in the grass, looking at dark rolling clouds, and the smell of burning. A dry breeze ruffling her hair. Ash falling on her face. She sits up, and see’s a house on the other side of a town (a town she knows) on fire. She goes to investigate, and gets into the town, and realizes it is empty. No signs of violence, just the look of a place people just stopped living. No bodies, nothing, except a burning house. She notices Eric has been following her, and in a magnificent moment of lucidity, she unbelieves this incarnation, out of existence. Carrying on, she leaps and basically flies to the house, lightly using her fingers to propel herself along the roofs of houses to the one that is burning. She then focuses, and see’s time pass very fast; the house being built, added onto, almost burning down before, being remodeled, redecorated, and then Eric walking in, then back out, as smoke rises. Sally does not like Eric. There is nothing wrong with the word as is, she just wish she had burnt the house down herself. She figures a way to get back to that moment, and enters the house. She sees Eric entering the town, and makes ready a trap. But Eric catches on, and enters in the back, and something… is wrong. Sally is busy setting the house up for fire time, and doesn’t notice… the things that are wrong. She hears Eric’s scream down stairs, and he almost trips over her. Then she notices the shadow being cast. Or shadows rather. But no one there to cast them. The house is already burning, and she makes a dive out the window onto the lawn. Eric sees the shadow on the lawn, before they jump. But it is gone afterwards. The dream ends.

And this is where we join the Furious Angels.
They all go through their morning routines; Fox making a healthy screwdriver, Arch eating the sort of breakfast you see in commercials (pancakes, waffles, bowl of cereal, glass of orange juice, coffee, 6 grapefruits, 3 apples, a few oranges, toast with jam…), Sally ate something healthy, and grabbed her lighter before heading out, and Eric showered for reasons related to his dream, then had cereal (sans milk; it had gone off a few days ago. He should take care of that, or the police might be called.)
Fox lives at FAI, so he is already at work. Arch took a taxi, Sally walked, and Eric stole a Black Crown Victoria, with limo tinting on all the windows. OH yeah, and Sally was stalked by a Black Crown Victoria (not Eric though). Sally (very reasonably) acrobats her way into a tree and hangs out for about 15 minutes, while she is satisfied they have gone away.

Clean Living

The CEO of a janitorial supply company, Mike, came in to hire the Furious Angels to find out who is responsible for stealing Caustic Soda, and Ammonia, as well as Diesel Fuel from his company. He is very passionately angry about this, and ends up saying, “if you find them, shoot ’em with rock salt!”

Long story short, nothing happened that night. The warehouse staff where interviewed, observed working, and they left. Aside from Eric and Fox bonding, nothing happened. Everyone was very tired, and mildly pissed off. Good thing they have July 24th off.

Fox meets with Henry Ryther

What the hell sort of name is that anyway?
Fox meets with his contact, who tells him interesting things he needs to know. Now Fox is faced with information he isn’t sure what to do with.

Over Par

This is the day Arch has been waiting for. Today, is a good day. Today, is the day that Larry Wilson set up his golf game with Calvin Prosper. A golf bag full of shotguns, and Eric as his caddie, they steal two golf carts (Eric and Fox on one; they bonded during the warehouse mission, and Sally and Arch on one (Sally likes Arch; he makes her coffee). In his single mindedness, Goes over a hill in the golf cart. And down the otherside. All four wheels came off. The thing flipped, and rolled all the way down the hill. Sally escaped with fairly minor injuries, and Arch had hurt his left arm in the crash. He was still crawling towards Larry though. Eric and Fox helped him up, and he was feeling good enough to threaten Larry with his flaregun with a shotgun shell in it. “Prosper cancelled on me, I don’t know why!”
Surprisingly, Arch didn’t shoot Larry when he said, “He’s rich enough to do whatever he wants!” Maybe it was Larry saying, “he’s a bastard; i want to see him fry, but I don’t know why he canceled.” Maybe he realized it might slow down his revenge. In any case, poor Archie kind of blue screened for a while.

But not before Sally found the med-kit with syringes labeled with the teams names, as well as “wake up” and “go to sleep” – Now why didn’t she think of that?



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